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2023 Intake Programme Leaflet
Establishment of Scholarship for 2022 intake.
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BA (Hons) in Animation and Digital Arts Programme (JS7133) is available on JUPAS (2022 intake)
My Name is ADA - Coursework Exhibition
Introduction of a New Minor in Animation and Digital Arts Programme (from 2021-22)
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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation and Digital Arts (ADA) is a four-year self-financed programme. ADA offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to creative arts education that fosters innovative thinking and creativity. It will add an extra dimension to the liberal arts curriculum, the core value of Lingnan’s mission in higher education. Students of this new programme will learn fundamental knowledge and professional skills in animation and digital arts.

The major comprises three categories: Lingnan’s liberal arts core curriculum; subjects on the history of fine arts and moving images; and skill courses on animation and digital media. ADA students are expected to develop their expertise in digital media with a solid liberal arts foundation. Furthermore, to prepare students for a professional pathway of their own choice, a string of electives is made available in animation, digital art installation and other fields in creative media.


ADA prepares graduates for a competitive employment market and work field. Students will be guided to create cutting-edge digital artworks. Striking a balance between technology and creativity, the Programme allows students to learn a wide range of essential knowledge from art history, film art, design to 2D and 3D animation as well as concepts and application of virtual reality. Students will receive comprehensive historical and technical training of animation and digital arts through hands-on learning and rigorous mentorship.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Students who complete the Animation and Digital Arts Programme will be able to:

  • Create cutting-edge work with artistic vision, combining essential specialized technical skills with original concepts;
  • Apply practical knowledge to real world production, and recognizing the strength of individual software and developing a tailored skillset;
  • Use critical thinking skills to identify problems and develop innovative solutions with resourceful mind;
  • Embrace new ideas and adapt to changing technology and environment.