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Ling U

Ling U

Ling U

Ling U

Ling U


PhD. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
MA. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
BA. Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen


數碼藝術與創意產業系 嶺南大學






Professor Li teaches courses on the histories and theories of modern and contemporary art in a global context. She holds a PhD in East Asian Art History and an MA in European Art History from Heidelberg University, Germany. Prior to joining Lingnan University, she was the inaugural Judith Neilson Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary Art at UNSW Art and Design, Sydney (2018-2020). She has also held research positions at the Tate Research Centre: Asia, London (2017-2018) and the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2013-2015).

Her research engages with aesthetics of performance art in Asia, art historiography emerging from decolonial struggles, and socially engaged practices and curation resisting neoliberal globalization. Currently, she is working on a book project examining artistic autonomy in postsocialist China. She has served as co-editor of Xu Bing: Beyond the Book from the Sky (with Sarah E. Fraser, Springer, 2020) and Visual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles (with Midori Yamamura, Routledge, 2021).

  • 研究興趣

    行為藝術理論及歷史、 後社會主義狀態的概念藝術及社會實踐、 去殖民論述下的當代藝術史學、 博伊斯及歐洲1960年代的社會與藝術之關係、 荷蘭東印度公司影響下的物質文化史
  • 代表性學術出版


    • Yu-Chieh Li, Approaching Autonomy: Post-socialist Conceptualism in Chinese Art, forthcoming.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “Gender and Performativity in Xing Danwen’s East Village,” Third Text 170 (May 2021): 389–410.
      Read the abridged version here.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “Rethinking/Relinking Colonial Ruptures: On Recent Works by Musquiqui Chihying and Hao Jingban,” Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Issue 21.1 (September 2021): 94–114.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “Behind the Shutter: Disappearance and the Postcolonial Body in Early Sinophone Media Art,” in World Art 11: 2 (June 2021): 177–200.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “Survival Tactics within Cold War Ideologies: Post-Mao Artists on the Tides of Globalization,” in Visual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles: Art in East and Southeast Asia (Routledge, 2021): 175–195.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “Translating Happenings: Frog King Kwok's Abject Play,” Art in Translation, Volume 11, 4 (2020): 417–440.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “Two-Dimensional Installation: The Case of Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, and Yang Jiechang”, in Sarah E. Fraser and Yu-Chieh Li eds., Xu Bing: Beyond the Book from the Sky, Heidelberg: Springer, 2020.


    • Yu-Chieh Li et al, Affect Machine: Self-healing in the Post-capitalist Era, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2021.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “從黑盒子到白盒子: 紐約現代美術館行為藝術的策展,收藏與空間規劃 [From Black Box to White Cube: Curating, Collecting, and Staging Performance Art at the Museum of Modern Art],” 現代美術 188 [Modern Art 188] (March 2018): 6–22.

    • Yu-Chieh Li, “He Yunchang: A Buddhist’s Approach to the Unspeakable,” Art Monthly Australasia (September 2019), 66–71.

  • 策展

    • (與徐詩雨共同策展) “女頭目的未來學”,2019,台北當代藝術中心。

    • (與林瑀希共同策展) “感性機器:後資本主義時代的自我療癒”,2021,台北市立美術館。

  • 研究項目和獎項

    • Early Career Scheme (ECS) project, “Live Art 1993-2020: Beyond Black Box and White Cube, Between Asia and Europe,” Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (2022/23)

    • 2020 Faculty Research Grant, School of Art and Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney

    • 2019 Faculty Research Grant, School of Art and Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney

    • 2015-2017 PhD Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

    • 2012 Heinz-Götze-Stiftung Travel Funding for MA Research