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Policy and Procedures on Sexual Harassment

Annex 1.  Sexual Harassment Investigation Panel


Sexual Harassment Investigation Panel shall consist of:

At least three staff members of different genders and preferably of different ranks shall be appointed by the President on an ad hoc basis, with one Panelist appointed as the Convenor.  Persons taking part in the informal resolution or mediation should not be appointed as Panelists. The responsibilities of the Sexual Harassment Investigation Panel include:

1. Informing individuals of available options, including but not limited to mediation and compliant investigation.

2. Informing all parties involved or alleged to be involved in a complaint of available formal disciplinary procedures if the complaint is not resolved through the processes on Mediation.

3. Informing the individual wishing to initiate an investigation that a written complaint will be required and that the complaint, including the identity of the complainant, will be disclosed to the complainee.

4. Informing all parties involved or alleged to be involved in a complaint that the written report will be submitted via the President to the Ethics and Discipline Committee/Student Disciplinary Committee.

5. Conducting mediation or investigation on receipt of allegation/complaint. 

6. Maintaining records of complaints, reports, and subsequent management action in conformance with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of applicable laws.


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