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Water Storage Project @ Uganda

The community experiences drought in 2-3 month stretches, we validated that community members with effective water storage units (10,000 Litres) can get through those dry spells. A low-cost water storage unit, with some education on rationing we could effectively save an average time of 2 hours spent by family members to fetch water and drastically improve the quality of the water they consume. 

On the winter trip to Uganda in 2021, the team built two 4000 liters water tanks made from brick and a plastic liner. Currently benefiting 17 people, 11 in one house and 6 in another. They will provide water for up to 40 days between wet seasons. 

The project has also inspired a team of Lingnan graduates and students to start Asaqua, a social enterprise that focuses on SDG#6 water and sanitation by offering an affordable rainwater harvesting solution to the local communities. The social enterprise is funded by the Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF) of the University which aims to support Lingnan members to create a positive impact for society while developing their entrepreneurial capacity and spirit. 

water project at uganda water project at uganda

The kids walk for a long distance to fetch water every day. Each jerrycan can hold 10-20 liters of water, which exerts a heavy burden on young children. 

water project at uganda water project at uganda

The team built water tanks for two households with bricks and a plastic liner.

water project at uganda water project at uganda

Each water tank can hold 4000 liters of water, which is expected to meet the basic water usage of a household during the dry season.

water project at uganda water project at uganda

The team monitors the usage of the water tank at the two households for design improvement with assistance from the local NGO partner.