Upcoming University-wide Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11

The current operating system, Microsoft Windows 10, will reach its end of support on Tuesday, October 14, 2025, ITSC is preparing to upgrade all university-managed computers to Microsoft Windows 11 and introduce the use of Microsoft 365 – Office. The upgrade process began on 19 June 2023 (Monday) and is carried out in phases to minimise disruptions. ITSC has planned and targeted to complete the upgrade for all campus computers in 2024.

Microsoft Windows 11 Microsoft 365 Office

Here are some key benefits of upgrading to Windows 11:

  • Improved performance: Windows 11 is optimized for speed and efficiency, with faster startup times, improved battery life, and smoother multitasking.
  • Enhanced security: Windows 11 includes new security protections to protect against cyber threats, which is particularly important for the University which handles sensitive data.
  • Collaboration and communication: Windows 11 includes built-in Microsoft Teams integration, allowing students, faculty, and staff to easily collaborate and communicate with each other.
  • Better productivity: Windows 11 is designed to help users to be more productive, with features like Snap Layouts, which makes it easy to organize and multitask with multiple windows.
  • Accessibility: Windows 11 includes new accessibility features, such as improved voice typing and expanded dictation capabilities.

Two briefing orientations on Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 in hybrid were arranged on 16 and 20 June 2023 respectively to get you familiar with the new features and interface. More briefing introduction programmes were planned to be arranged upon the commencement of the new academic year.

Overall, upgrading to Windows 11 can provide many benefits to the University and their students, faculty, and staff. From improved performance and security to better collaboration and productivity, Windows 11 can provide our students and staff with the up-to-date application and technology to support collaborations, teaching and learning.