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Office of Council/Court Business and General Administration

About Us

Council/Court Business

  • Serve as the secretariat of the University Council and Court and act as the first point of contact for all Council and Court members
  • Provide secretarial support to the standing committees under the Council and ad hoc committees/working groups/task forces of the Council and Court

General Administration Services Related to Government and Statutory Bodies

  • Liaise with Government/statutory bodies such as Legislative Council (LegCo), District Council (DC), UGC, EDB, ICAC, EOC (Equal Opportunities Commission), PCPD (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data), etc.
  • Attend to questions from these bodies, and submit information and documents to them as appropriate

General Administration

  • Administer University policies on important issues that affect the welfare of staff, students and the University as a whole. Examples include policies on sexual harassment, equal opportunities, whistleblowing, etc.
  • Organize events and activities to promote awareness of the above-mentioned issues and policies 
  • Administer disciplinary/investigative/appeal procedures when such cases arise
  • Provide secretarial and administrative support to the University’s Equal Opportunities Committee, Personal Data Privacy Committee and Risk Management Committee
  • Assist in drafting or giving comments on agreements/undertakings between various units/departments of the University and outside institutions/organisations
  • Liaise with legal advisers for legal proceedings concerning the University and seek legal advice from time to time as warranted by situations 
  • Administer the “Vincent Woo Distinguished Visiting Scholars Programme” and “Dr & Mrs James Tak Wu Awards for Outstanding Service”
  • Render support to special University projects, initiatives or functions as specified by the President






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