Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Business Psychology


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The Self-financed Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Business Psychology is a four-year full-time programme designed for students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology with a special interest in the application of psychology in business and organizational settings. Informed by strong research, the teaching and learning of the Business Psychology Programme will produce highly qualified graduates with expertise in business and organisational psychology, who would be employable in different business sectors. Successful graduates can opt for further studies in relevant research-based or taught-based postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong or aboard. The Business Psychology Programme fulfils all the level-5 (Bachelor degree qualifications) generic descriptors in the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF).


商業心理學社會科學(榮譽)學士課程是自資的四年全日制學士學位課程,專為有志於將心理學知識應用到商業和組織管理領域的學生量身而定。以強大的科研成果為依據,本課程將會培養出具有商業和組織心理學專業知識的高素質畢業生,以勝任不同商業領域的專業工作。優秀畢業生將有機會留港或出國,攻讀研究型或授課型碩士課程。本課程符合香港資歷架構(Hong Kong Qualifications Framework(HKQF))對本科課程的全部要求。


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