Before the application

  • Why Lingnan?
    • The only Liberal Arts university in Hong Kong
    • Close Faculty-Student Relationship
    • Vibrant and Residential Campus
    • Abundant Global Learning Opportunities
    • Community Serving for Positive Changes
  • Could I add or amend information in the application form after submission?
    • You are responsible to ensure the accuracy of the information you submitted. Any amendment after the application submission is not encouraged.  In some cases, you will be asked to submit additional documents to support your application. Please follow the instructions given in the Emails and contact us or the School of Graduate Studies for assistance.
  • Could my application fee be waived? And if I cancel my application, could I get a refund of my application fee?
    • In general, your application fee is not waivable or refundable.


After the application

  • When will be the application result announced? How can I check my application status?
    • The selection process will begin as soon as we receive your application material and confidential recommendation forms. Short-listed candidates may be required to attend an interview conducted by the Programme Director or other teaching staff of the programme. Applicants will be notified about their application results within one month after the closing date of the application. You could also contact us or the School of Graduate Studies for your status.
  • How can I obtain a student visa?
    • If you are a non-local applicant, you are responsible to apply for your own student visa before your arrival. This process generally takes 6 to 8 weeks. Please refer to the Hong Kong SAR’s Immigration Department for further information: https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/study.html
  • Is there any scholarship for my study in Lingnan?
    • Yes. There are different accommodation options available for the postgraduate students. Click HERE for more information.



  • What’s the progression of this Master degree prgoramme?
    • Students are required to achieve CGPA of 2.50 or above in order to proceed to the next term. The Board of Examiners shall, at the end of each term, recommend whether each student is:
      1. Eligible for progression towards an award;
      2. Eligible for an award; or
      3. Required to withdraw from the programme.
  • A student will normally progress unless he/she falls within the following categories, any of which may be regarded as grounds for withdrawal from the programme:
    1. The student cannot attain a CGPA of 2.50 at the end of each term;
    2. The student has exceeded the maximum period of study, which is 3 years in full-time mode or 5 years in part-time mode; or
    3. The student is unable to attain a CGPA of 2.67 at the end of the programme.

A student will be given a warning if his/her CGPA is above 2.50 (the level required for progression) but below 2.67 (the level for graduation). The BoE concerned can then take a decision on the marginal cases and report their findings and conclusions to the PCC for follow-up on the student(s) involved. The minimum CGPA for special consideration for a chance of continuation will be 2.33 for the HTIB Programme. In such situations, special consideration for continuation will be given after assessment by the Programme Director (e.g. through an interview) on their quality or standard and personal plans to improve their performance. The BoE can then take a decision on these marginal cases and make recommendations on these cases for special consideration by the PSC for a chance of continuation.


What’ll be awarded for the MSc in HTIB?

Award of Master of Science

The performance of students in each course is assessed by a combination of continuous formative (e.g. in-class discussions, short and long essays, analytical reports, group projects and presentations) and summative assessments (mid-term and final exams, independent capstone projects). The assessment will follow the general grading policy as prescribed by Lingnan University for taught postgraduate studies.

To qualify for the award of the Master of Science in HTIB offered by Lingnan University, students must, where applicable:

  • obtain 30 credits;
  • attain a Cumulative GPA of 2.67 (equivalent to B-) or above;
  • fulfil the English exit requirement, if applicable; and
  • fulfil all University/programme requirements;

Final award

A student who has fulfilled all the requirements for graduation will be awarded a Master of Science in Humanitarian Technology and Inclusive Business (HTIB) with one of the following classifications. These classifications (see the table below) are given according to the student's Cumulative GPA on all courses.

Classification of final award in HTIB programme

Degree Classification Minimum Cumulative GPA
Distinction 3.50
Pass 2.67


Intermediate award

Students will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in HTIB if they complete no less than five courses equal to 18 credits (taking at least one 6-credit course) with a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.33. Acceptance of an intermediate award implies an intention not to complete the final award.

Award of Final Award or Intermediate Award will follow the university’s admission and exit language requirements.

The maximum period of study is 3 years in full-time mode or 5 years in part-time mode.