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On-campus Student Hostels

Jockey Club Student Village


The University provides 2,600 on-campus student hostel places for our students.  Local and non-local undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for student hostel rooms.  Hostel rooms will be allocated according to the Hostel Residency Policy (HRP) and the allocation priorities.  In 2024/25, the University has approved to set aside certain number of hostel places and quotas for full-time self-funded UG and PG students.  Students should contact their programme offices for hostel application and allocation details.  The campus and student hostels of Lingnan University, like many places in Hong Kong, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the campus.


Hostel Room and Facilities

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All student rooms are for double occupancy or triple occupancy.  The size of a student room is 110 to 130 sq ft.  Each student resident will have one bed, one cabinet, one desk and one chair.  Free LAN, WiFi service and electricity are provided.  The air-conditioning fee will be shared by roommates in the same room.

Shared washrooms by residents of two rooms will be provided in Jockey Club New Hall, Wong Hoo Chuen Hall and Wu Jieh Yee Hall.  The other 6 hostels provide communal washrooms (shared by the residents of the whole floor).  Refrigerators, boilers and microwave ovens are installed in the common pantry of each floor.

The Laundry room of each hostel is equipped with washing machines (HK$6 per cycle) and dryers (HK$1 per 7 minutes), which are all Octopus Card-operated.  For more details on hostel facilities please click


Hostel Rules and Regulations

Each hostel has a Warden, a Senior Tutor and a group of Tutors.  As a hostel resident, student needs to comply with hostel rules and regulations, which are listed at


Hostel/Room Assignment

To facilitate cross-cultural appreciation and integration in the Lingnan residential community, students with different cultural backgrounds will be paired up as roommates based on their personal preferences.  There will be different application exercises for undergraduate, exchange students, and research/ taught postgraduate students.  

Most beds are either 1.98/ 2.13 meters in length.  If you are taller than 1.85 meters, please let us know in advance so that we can try to arrange a room with a bed of 2.13 meters in length.  


Phone Calls and Internet Connections at Student Hostels

Free public telephones for local calls are available at the common lounge on each student bedroom floor and the common room floor.  Free LAN and WiFi service are available in the hostel room, but it is safer for students to bring their own LAN cable for connecting their own PC to the Data Outlet socket in the room. Students can find the set-up guides for internet access for different computers and systems at the ITSC website or contact the ITSC hotline at 2616 7995 after arrival.


Off-campus Accommodation Options

Apart from the on-campus student hostels, self-funded students may consider some off-campus accommodations such as hostels/guesthouses provided by non-government organisations (NGOs), serviced apartments or private housing in Hong Kong. For more details on off-campus accommodations, please visit the website of Student Hostels of OSA.

Accommodation Options for Self-funded Undergraduate Students

Accommodation Options for Self-funded Postgraduate Students