Subsite Background


Part A: Questions asked by prospective host families

Q1:  Who will be my hostee?

Ans: Your hostee is a new non-local degree-seeking undergraduate student from Mainland China or overseas at Lingnan.


Q2:  Who are qualified to be host families?

Ans: All Lingnan staff are welcomed to participate in the scheme to render your care and support to our non-local students.   Your unique experiences are highly valued and can make a real difference.   Whether you have a family or not your warm welcome, friendship, care and support are the most important aspects of the scheme.   We welcome your participation in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for our students.



Q3:  How many students can I host at a time?  Do I have to provide accommodation for my hostee(s)? 

Ans:  You are welcome to host one or two students at a time.   Some host families have found that hosting two students can be even more rewarding.  Please note that this is a non-residential programme and you are NOT required to provide accommodation for your hostee(s).   Students will reside in either the student hostel or their accommodation.


Q4:  How are the students matched with hosts?

Ans:  OSA will match the students and host families according to their preferences.   The matching result will be announced via email in late August 2024.


Q5:  How frequent do I need to meet with my hostee(s)?

Ans:  There is no strict requirement.  Host families are suggested to arrange at least one to two gatherings or activities for their hostee(s) each term such as lunch or dinner gatherings, family gatherings, festive celebrations, sports, outdoor activities, etc.   


Q6:  What is a host expected to do?


  1. Show your hospitality and invite your hostee(s) to participate in some of your family gatherings.

  2. Share your culture with your hostee(s).

  3. Provide encouragement and offer advice to your hostee(s) when they face challenges or encounter difficulties.

  4. Respect the cultural backgrounds of your hostee(s)  and be sensitive to the particular needs.

  5. We encourage you and your hostee(s) to join at least one activity organised by OSA.  


Part B: Questions asked by prospective student participants 

Q1:  Who will be my host family?

Ans:  A staff of Lingnan University.


Q2:  How are the hosts matched with the students?

Ans:  OSA will match the students and host families according to their preferences.   The matching result will be announced via email in late August 2024.


Q3:  Will I live with my host family?

Ans:  No, this is a non-residential programme.  You will reside in either the student hostel or your accommodation.   However, your host family may invite you to visit their home or their family gatherings providing an opportunity for you to experience local culture and make new friends.


Q4:  What is a hostee expected to do?


  1. Show respect to your host family.

  2. Share your culture with your host family.  You may find the experience to be rewarding if you are willing to share your culture, interests and views with your host family.

  3. Keep in close contact with your host family.   Your host family is not only your mentor but also an additional support network for you.   You are encouraged to share your happiness, feelings and difficulties with them.

  4. Be active.   You are encouraged to participate in the activities initiated by your host family, such as festive celebrations, casual family gatherings, meal gatherings or outings.   Your active participation can help you build a closer and long lasting relationship with your host family.

  5. Show your appreciation.   You may express your gratitude by saying thank you or even sending a thank-you card to your host family.