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Cross-Cultural Integration

Programmes to Facilitate Language Learning and Cross-Cultural Appreciation through Residential Life

When the hostels house exchange, non-local degree-seeking and local students, it has become a unique platform where different cultures collide with one another. As our students come from all over the world, they will be able to explore and appreciate different cultures through daily lives and social activities. The international environment also provides a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to different languages, which facilitates their language learning.


To further encourage cross-cultural integration, language enhancement programmes and culture appreciation activities will be organised by the Office of Student Affairs, the ten Warden’s Offices and respective offices.


Support for Non-local Students

  • Orientation and Activities

A good support network allows new non-local undergraduate students quickly adapt to the new environment. The Office of Student Affairs co-operates with the Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association and senior international undergraduate students to provide pre-arrival enquiry service, pick up service and tailor-made orientation activities for the new non-local students. All of them are also invited to join the New Student Orientation (NSO), so that they can mingle with the local students and further adapt to the new university life.

Sharing sessions and networking activities will be organised for the non-local students. These activities help build up a better relationship with the non-local students, and thus better support could be provided by collecting vast information on their needs and concerns as well as their lives at Lingnan.


  • Lingnan Host Family Scheme

Lingnan Host Family Scheme (LHFS) is a supportive programme for non-local undergraduate students. Each participating Lingnan staff will take are of one to two non-local undergraduate students. By participating in this programme, students can get support, care and advice from the "Host Families". It also provides an opportunity for them to experience the life and culture in Hong Kong.


University-wide Cultural Events

To promote cultural diversity on campus, OSA co-operates with different units to organise various university-wide cultural events, such as Chinese New Year Carnival, Thanksgiving Dinner and International Day to enrich students' cultural exposure on campus.




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