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LU Cultural Ambassador Programme 2023/24 Activity Snapshot



Activity Snapshot

In the academic year 2023/24, the Office of Student Affairs organised a diverse range of workshops and activities for the cultural ambassadors.  These activities offered ambassadors a chance to participate in a wide range of cultural experiences and insights, including cultural tours, handicraft workshops, leadership training, and cultural events hosted by the University.  Here’s a brief overview of some of the exciting activities that took place throughout the year:   


Briefing and Team-building Training Sessions

 Briefing Session

To kick off the Cultural Ambassador Programme, all ambassadors gathered for a comprehensive briefing session where they were introduced to each other and had an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.  The session also provided ambassadors with information about the programme’s objectives and requirements, allowing them to apply their cultural knowledge and elements to various activities.




 Team-building Training

Following the briefing session, the ambassadors participated in a team-building and leadership training session.  This session was designed to help ambassadors further develop their leadership and team-building skills.  Through various tasks and challenges, the ambassadors were given the opportunity to showcase their unique talents and abilities while working together towards a common goal.  These experiential games and activities helped the ambassadors build stronger connections with each other and fostered a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Campus-wide Cultural Activities in Lingnan


International Day 2023



Thanksgiving Celebrations 2023



Chinese New Year Carnival 2024

Cultural ambassadors play a vital role in promoting diversity on campus by actively participating in and supporting various cultural events throughout the academic year.  Such events included International Day 2023, Thanksgiving Celebrations 2023, and Chinese New Year Carnival 2024.  The ambassadors demonstrated their commitment to the programme by taking on different roles such as emcees, performers, booth runners, and helpers to ensure the success of these events.

Cultural tours and workshop

To broaden the ambassadors’ perspectives and cultural knowledge, a variety of cultural tours and handicraft workshops were organised, such as the Cultural Tour to Fishing Communities in Aberdeen, the Guided Tour of the Kowloon Mosque, and a Workshop on Traditional Chinese Handicraft.  These activities provided ambassadors with a unique opportunity to explore Hong Kong’s rich cultural heritage and learn about its history.



Fishing Communities in Aberdeen



Guided Tour at Kowloon Mosque



Workshop on Traditional Chinese Handicraft

Cultural March of Symphony

In addition to participating in various cultural events, cultural ambassadors also had the valuable opportunity to organise activities for their fellow students.  As part of the "Cultural March of Symphony" series in March 2024, the cultural ambassador groups designed and organised six activities.  The series, presented by cultural ambassadors, offered multiple ILP-bearing multicultural workshops, sharing sessions, and fun experiences for students to explore and enjoy the cultural diversity of Lingnan.

Video of Cultural March of Symphony

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Closing Ceremony

In late April 2024, a Closing Ceremony was held to recognise the ambassadors’ contributions and celebrate their achievements.  The event included a review of photos and videos that highlighted the ambassadors’ accomplishments and the impact of their contributions.  Certificates were presented to acknowledge their hard work and dedication throughout the programme.  The ceremony culminated in a delightful afternoon tea where ambassadors had the opportunity to socialise and reflect on their learning journey together.


Closing Ceremony

Video of Cultural Ambassador Programme 2023/24

Programme Experience Sharing by Cultural Ambassadors 2023/24

  • “It was fun that I got the opportunity to talk about my culture.”


  • “By organising the event as a team, I got to know more about different cultures because our team consisted of 6 people from various nationalities.”


  • “It's a campus-wide event, providing a greater opportunity to engage with people from different countries.”


  • “I can improve my personal abilities, deepen my friendships, and broaden my horizons.”


  • “I have the chance to visit places I've never been to.”