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LU Cultural Ambassador Programme 2022/23 Activity Snapshot

Activity Snapshot

In Year 2022/23 there were numerous workshops and activities organised by the Office of Student Affairs which provided the cultural ambassadors with a variety of cultural sense and taste. Students from different countries have joined the programme and participated in different activities, such as the cultural tour, handicraft workshop, leadership training and cultural events held by the University.  


Briefing Session & Training Session


To kick-off the Cultural Ambassador Programme, all ambassadors assembled at the briefing session to get to know each other. Ambassadors introduced themselves through an ice-breaking game. Apart from making new friends, The ambassadors were provided with information about the perspectives and requirements of the programme, which enabled them to apply their cultural elements and knowledge in different activities.



Following the briefing session, a teambuilding and leadership training session was organised for ambassadors to enhance their leadership and team building . The ambassadors completed various tasks with their team by applying their talents and abilities.

Campus-wide Cultural Activities in Lingnan

Cultural ambassadors play a vital role in promoting diverse cultures on the campus. They have participated and lended a helping hand in some of the cultural activities, such as International Day 2022, Thanksgiving Celebrations 2022 and Yuanxiao Festival 2023. They played different roles in the events, such as emcees, performers, booth runners and helpers.



Thanksgiving Celebrations in November 2022



Yuanxiao Festival 2023 in February 2023

Cultural tour and workshop

In order to broaden ambassadors’ horizons, cultural tour and handicraft workshop were organised for them, such as the Cultural Tour at Tai Kwun and Rangoli Making Workshop. Ambassadors enjoyed the stunning and fabulous heritage in Hong Kong while learning the history of the place. Besides, the Rangoli Making Workshop introduced more about ethnic minorities in Hong Kong to the ambassabors, and allow them to slow down the tempo when creating their neat artwork.



Cultural Tour at Tai Kwun in December 2022



Rangoli Making Workshop in November 2022

Cultural March of Symphony

Apart from being a participant, cultural ambassadors had a valuable chance to organise the activities by themselves for fellow Lingnan students. In March 2023, 6 activities were designed and organised by various cultural ambassador groups respectively for Lingnan students, as part of the “Cultural March of Symphony” series. Presented by Cultural Ambassadors, “Cultural March of Symphony” series offered multiple ILP-bearing multicultural workshops, sharing sessions and fun experiences for students to explore and enjoy the cultural diversity of Lingnan.

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Video of Cultural March of Symphony: 

Video of the Cultural Ambassador Programme 2022/23 

Cultural Ambassador Programme 2022/23:



Programme Experience Sharing by Cultural Ambassadors 2022/23

“We had a great time as we get to meet people and be friends. The whole idea of cultural day was to let Lingnan students learn about different cultures and we succeeded it as we had a huge number of participants as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to hold cultural day at Uni.”


“I gained cultural insight and had broaden my horizon. This inspires me to take a step further and travel around the world to experience first handedly.”


“My overall experience in the programme was good. I learnt more about other cultural. Besides, this programme met my expectations. I enjoyed the Bhangra workshop as all the participants actively participated in it.”