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Coping with a New Culture

Culture Shock

“Culture Shock” can be an uneasy feeling. Some people can adapt to the new culture gradually and some may need more support to make the road easier.  Come to talk to the counsellors, they are professional and friendly!


Typical examples of “Culture Shock” symptoms:

~ Boredom~Homesickness~Withdrawal
~Frustration~Anxiety~Stereotyping of host nationals


Culture shock symtops


4 Stages of Adjustment:

Adjustment steps



How Do I Adjust and Cope with a New Culture

See it in a POSITIVE WAY: Discovering cultural differences and experiencing culture shock are both powerful learning tools; gain a high degree of self-understanding.


Adjustment tips


It is NORMAL that every person reacts to “Culture Shock” or “Stress” differently, so the signs and symptoms could be varied.  Therefore, if you are feeling different from the other day, feeling overwhelmed or having the signs for more than two weeks, please make an appointment to talk to our Counsellors.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, you may book online through , send an email to [email protected], call us at 2616 7024 or register at the counter of Counselling Services (LYH318, 3/F, Lau Lee Yuen Haan Amenities Building, Lingnan University) in person. All information disclosed in the sessions will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. However, the rule of confidentiality will not apply when (a) you or other people may be in jeopardy; and/or (b) legal responsibilities are involved.