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Orientation for Non-local Undergraduate Students

The orientation programme and activities will help you better adjust to campus life and study at Lingnan. Do enjoy the exciting moments in the first few weeks on campus. Please read the information below for the detailed arrangements.


Orientation Talks for New Non-local Students on 23 August 2023

To give you a warm welcome and some adjustment as well as living tips, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will organise some talks on adjustment and hostel life for you on 23 August 2023 afternoon from 2:30 to 4:45pm. The details of the talks will be sent to you through email in early August.


New Student Orientation (NSO) (All new students are required to attend)

NSO organised by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) aims at providing the essential information and supporting network to new students to facilitate their adaption to University life.  The University adopts mixed mode this year and offers 1) one-day face-to-face programmes on campus, held on  25 August 2023 (Friday) 2) online e-Learning programmes on Moodle platform from 9 August to 30 September and 3) a Campus Life Carnival on 7 September for new students. The face-to-face programmes and Campus Life Carnival will be videotaped and uploaded to Moodle after 29 August and 9 September respectively for new students who report after the date of the event.  You can acquire the essential information and to self-learn at your own pace and your most preferred environment. 

Peer Mentors are senior students who can help you with your adjustment to university life. New students who wish to be a mentee should apply from 9 August to 31 August. 

For details on the NSO e-programmes, Peer Mentor Programme and Campus Life Carnival, please visit the following websites:

1) New Student Orientation (NSO 2023) e-learning Programmes on Moodle platform (available during 9 August - 30 September)

2) Peer Mentor Programme via:

3) Campus Life Carnival via:


Lingnan Host Family Scheme

Lingnan Host Family Scheme (LHFS) is a programme specially designed for new non-local undergraduate students. The aims of the scheme are to render care and support for the new non-local undergraduate students and facilitate their adaptation to life in Lingnan as well as Hong Kong. By joining this scheme, students can get advice and support when facing challenges, build a stronger sense of belonging and have a deeper understanding of Hong Kong society.

Students who joined the scheme will be taken care by a host family who is a staff member of Lingnan. The scheme is a non-residential programme. Students will not live with their host families. The host families will organise regular meetings and activities for their students and invite their students to join their family gatherings as well. 

For details and registration of the scheme, please refer to the email to be sent to you in late July.



For enquiries, please contact Ms Joey Leung (Tel: 852 2616 7302/ Email: [email protected]) or Mr Gordon Ho (Tel: 852 2616 7312/ Email: [email protected]) of OSA.