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Living Well Ambassadors 2021-22

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The objective of Living Well Ambassadors programme is to promote a better quality of life for our students by educating a group of students with basic mental and physical well-being knowledge. The topics cover mental well-being, physical health, special education needs (SEN) support, health promotion, community services, etc. We aim at:

  1. Promoting a better quality of life for Lingnan students;

  2. Organizing wellness programmes to serve the university and propagate the ideas of health and well-being;

  3. Outreaching and serving the community.


Sep 2021 – Jun 2022


Students were recognized at different level of achievements based on the Wellness Units (WU) earned. Certificates will be awarded at the end of the term.

  • Basic: Join all BASIC programmes (43 students awarded)
  • Bronze: Gain more than 10 WUs (6 students awarded)
  • Silver: Gain more than 15 WUs (1 students awarded)
  • Gold: Gain more than 20 WUs (8 students awarded)
Reflection from Leung Tsz Wai: I have learnt a lot by joining Living Well Ambassadors Program. For example, I get to know the standard for barrier free access facilities which makes me become sensitive to the need of disabled people. Besides, I've got an opportunity of organizing an hour stress reducing activity for schoolmates. It was the first time I had ever held a zoom activity. I was excited and nervous. Thankfully, everything ran smoothly with the help of groupmates and Rebekah (activities coordinator). The experience has increased my confidence in organizing activities for the future.
Reflection from Huang Wen Xin: I am very happy to be this healthy life ambassador. When planning the event, my team members and I thought of a lot of ways to relieve the pressure of the students. Although we have changed a lot of plans due to the epidemic, we still hope that the students received our blessings.
Reflection from Kwong Ka Chung: I joined the 'Five Stars Health, Five Stars Home' project in semester 2 during the year 2021-2022. The project aimed to improve the health awareness of the elderly. We delivered health talks and chair aerobic sessions for participants who were living in home. The project enabled me to gain the hands-on experience on health promotion.
Reflection from Ng Kei Tung: Being a Living Well Ambassador during pandemic was such a challenge. Since we cannot meet face-to-face, we need to change our workshops into online and it is difficult to engage the student through zoom. It was such a unforgettable experience and I am so grateful to be a Living Well Ambassador and be able to organize events to help the students to ease stress.



  • Have to attend all the below programme in order to gain the BASIC level

Briefing Session

1 2

Basic Counselling Skill Training

1 2

Basic Physical Health Training

1 2

Capstone Projects / Electives

Mental Health First-Aid Certificate course

東華三院愛融樂長跑會 iRunners' Club -


1 2

SEN Ambassador Programme

Reflection from Miss Shi Yuru (PSY4)






Wellness to The Community


Health Promotion Ambassadors Training


Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 2616 7024