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Certificate of Awards and Participation (CAP)

To complement the academic transcript issued by the Registry, you are encouraged to build up your own co- and extra-curricular portfolio during your study at the University. The Certificate of Awards and Participation (CAP) records of your achievements such as awards, contribution in the University, attendance of Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) and fulfillment of the University requirements. You are encouraged to check your personal CAP regularly. OSA will issue to you an “Official Copy” of CAP when you graduate. A “Student Copy” is now available for you for printing by login to the “myLingnan Portal”.


CAP shows the following records:

1.      Awards

Participation in cultural and sports activities leading to University recognized awards;

Student leadership development and exchange programmes in the capacity of representatives of the University;

Outstanding services; and

Training courses and programmes in the capacity of representatives of the University.


2.     Contributions to the University

Office-bearers of the recognized student bodies and members of university teams;

Organizers of recognized major campus events;

Representation in university committees; and

Student Ambassadors in university functions.


3.      ILP Course Attendance

The ILP programme, workshops, activities and courses attended. For details, please refer to the part on Integrated Learning Programme


4.      Fulfillment in Other Requirements

4.1     Information Technology Fluency (ITF) Programme

All full-time undergraduate students are required to pass an ITF Test during their course of study at the University. However, students who have successfully completed the course BUS110 will be exempted from the ITF Test requirement. The ITF will be shown on the CAP as “Fulfilled” or “Exempted”. Students who do not fulfill the requirement will not be permitted to graduate.


4.2     Hostel Residence

All UGC-funded students admitted before 2020/21 who will study in the University for four years are required to reside in student hostels for at least two years (four academic terms). Senior year (Year 3) admittees are required to reside on campus for at least one year (two academic terms). To help new students adjust to university life, all first year students should reside in student hostels. The fulfillment of the required hostel residence will be shown as “Fulfilled” or “Not Fulfilled”.

Student admitted from 2020/21 onwards, no hostel residency requirement is needed.


4.3    Attendance in Awards Presentation Ceremony and Sports Day

All full-time undergraduate students are required to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony (or the Honorary Fellowship Presentation Ceremony) and the Sports Day at least once during the course of study at the University. Attendance at these events will be shown as “Fulfilled” or “Not Fulfilled”.


An “Official Copy” is a copy with the signature of the Director of Student Affairs and office chop while the “Student Copy” is a copy without the signature and office chop. An “Official Copy” will only be sent sealed direct to the company or institution you apply for employment or further studies.


Guideline for Inclusion of Achievement / Participation in Non-academic Activities in CAP

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