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Cross-Cultural Integration

Financial Matters

Banking Service


Opening Bank Account

Non-local students are suggested to have their local bank accounts while they are staying in Hong Kong. This can be arranged at any local banks. To open an account, students will need to book an appointment with the bank, complete and submit an application form to the bank together with the following supporting documents:

1) Passport / Chinese Travel Permit and China Identity Card (中華人民共和國往來港澳通行證及中國身份證)
2) Hong Kong ID Card
3) Letter of Admission
4) Lingnan University Student ID Card
5) Proof of address in Hong Kong (Please contact the Office of Student Affairs to get the hostel address after your arrival)
6) Proof of permanent address in home country within the past three months (e.g. letter of admission with home address, bank statement in English/ Chinese or utilities bills in English/ Chinese issued in the last three months or latest driving license (with photo and address) in English/ Chinese)



Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Automated Teller Machine (ATMs) providing 24-hour cash withdrawal services can be easily found in Hong Kong such as MTR stations and large shopping malls. The nearest ATMs are available at the Fu Tai Shopping Centre which provides cash withdrawal service for ATM cards that are part of the following networks: PLUS, UnionPay, Cirrus, VISA, JETCO, MasterCard. Students can use their home bank ATM card to withdrawal local currency in Hong Kong dolloars. However, the home bank may charge a transaction fee for using of ATM card overseas.

There is no cash withdrawal fee when using local bank ATM cards. Students my transfer money from their home country, or make an ATM withdrawal from their home bank and deposit the money into their local bank account.



Credit Cards

Students may apply for a local credit card at any local banks in Hong Kong. Most shops and restaurants in Hong Kong will accept VISA and MasterCard; some will accept UnionPay Card. The shops will usually indicate the types of cards they accept at the entrance.

Friendly reminder: Cash advance charges may be charged if students use their credit card to withdraw cash from the ATM.



Living Expenses

First Month

It is recommended that students can prepare HK$4,500 - $5,000 for their first month expenses.


Estimated Monthly Expenses

The cost of living will vary among individuals. The following tables is listed for general reference only:

Item Approx. expenses per month (HKD)
Meals (on campus) HK$3,000 - $3,500
Entertainment HK$300 - $600
Transportation (local) HK$200 - $500
Miscellaneous HK$300 - $500
Total HK$3,800 - $5,100