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Upcoming Activities

First Term 2023/24

Kick-off Reception

  • Date: 14 September 2023 (Thursday)
  • Time: 6:00-6:45pm
  • Venue: Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery, 2/F, Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University
Kick Off Ceremony

Gathering arranged by Host Family

  • After the Kick-off Reception, host families are encouraged to arrange activities for their hostee(s). The Office of Student Affairs will provide an activity subsidy for the host families as a token of appreciation. Details will be announced through email in late August 2023.
Gathering arranged by Host Family

Off-Campus Activity (I)

  • Date: October 2023
  • Details will be announced through email in September 2023
Off-Campus Activity 1

Off-Campus Activity (II)

  • Date: November 2023
  • Details will be announced through email in October 2023
Off-Campus Activity 2


Second Term 2023/24

Activities for the Second Term will be announced in January 2024. Host families and students please stay tuned for the updates from the Office of Student Affairs.

Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2022/23 Activity Snapshot

In Year 2022/23 there were different kinds of activities and workshop organised by the Office of Student Affairs which offered the host families and hostees a wide variety of gathering opportunities to get to know each other and create their own happy memories and touching stories. Students from different countries and host families have participated in different activities, such as local tours, handicraft workshop and barbeque party.


Kick-off Reception

Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2022/23 Kick-off Reception

In September 2022, the host families and hostees first met with each other at the Kick-off reception held on campus, listened to the touching sharing from the two participants of the scheme last year and enjoyed chatting with each other under a chill and relax atmosphere.

You may view the event photos here.

Pressed Flower Shadow Frame Workshop

Pressed Flower Shadow Frame Workshop

The “Pressed Flower Shadow Frame Workshop” was held in late October 2022 for the participants to spend a relaxing evening together and embrace their inner artist by creating the beautiful floral artwork with host family members.

 Chilling Out under the Sunset–Star Ferry “World Star” Harbour Cruise Tour  


During the two hours tour, the participants explored the beauty of one of the world's most iconic skylines of Victoria Harbour and some of the eye-pleasing spots along the harbour under the spectacular sunset such as Tsang Ma Bridge, West Kowloon Cultural District and Tsuen Wan West Promenade.

Climb High and Look Far – The Peak Half-Day Tour

The Peak Your

The higher you go, the more you see. Host families and hostees took a scenic ride on the historic Peak Tram heading to the world-class attraction - The Peak, offering spectacular panoramic views day and night over the harbour and skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Besides enjoying the stunning view at the highest 360° viewing platform in the city, the participants also experienced the relaxing and delightful Peak Circle Walk and visited one of the most stylish architectural icons in Hong Kong “The Peak Tower” together.

Grill and Chill – Barbeque Night on Friday

Grill and Chill – Barbeque Night on Friday

As a great ending to Lingnan Host Family Scheme 2022/23, Instead of sightseeing, the host families and hostees seated around the fire and enjoyed the crowd-pleasing Hong Kong-style barbeque together. Although the LHFS 2022/23 is come to an end, the close relationship between host families and hostees will probably never end.


You may view more photos of the activities here.


Activity Recommendations

Host families are encouraged to arrange some more activities for their students such as:

Lunch/ dinner gatherings/ home visit/ festival celebrations


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