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Study and Course Registration (Undergraduate Students)

Course Registration 

Non-local undergraduate students shall register courses on (1) Registration Day (i.e.  20 August 2024 for senior new students, or 21 August 2024 for Year 1 new students); (2) during the add/drop period (i.e.  30 August - 9 September 2024) after consultation with the academic advisers (students will get the information of their advisers via the Online Reporting System in mid-August).

Students are required to meet in person with their academic adviser at least once a term for approving their study plan before the course registration exercise.  Otherwise, their access to the registration system will be denied. Flexibility is allowed when students are not in Hong Kong or under special circumstances and therefore unable to meet with their academic adviser in person.  The students may seek advice from their academic adviser through other means. Students should input and save their study plan in DegreeWorks for their academic adviser’s approval (see the details HEREbefore meeting with their academic adviser. Please refer to the orientation schedule or contact the faculties/departments directly for more details of student advising after completing the Online Reporting in mid-August.


Quick Guide on How to Create a Student’s Study Plan with “DegreeWorks”

Details of Course Registration

Details of Programme Structure

Details of Academic Regulations and Guidelines


For enquiries, please contact the Registry at Tel: (852) 2616 8750 or via email [email protected].




Registration for Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)

Photo of ILP activities

Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) is one of the signature co-curricular programmes in the University, which facilitates students to extend their learning beyond the classroom.  With its broad spectrum of contents and interactive delivery modes, students are enabled to unlock potentials, boost confidence, make plans for life, and achieve success.  Students can develop new interests and explore learning opportunities from over 400 ILP activities each year.

The online registration is scheduled for 12 & 13 September 2024.  Please refer to the schedule below and log in to myLingnan Portal at for enrolment.


Target StudentsDates & Time SlotsLast Digit of Student IDDates of Payment (For fee-paying Courses Only)
Year 3

12 September 2024 (Thu)

ePayment (Online):
From 12 Sep 2023 (Thu), 18:00
To 13 Sep 2023 (Fri), 16:00
20:30 - 21:300, 2, 3, 4, 9
21:45 - 22:451, 5, 6, 7, 8
Year 2

13 September 2024 (Fri)

ePayment (Online):
From 13 Sep 2024 (Fri), 18:00 
To 14 Sep 2024 (Sat), 16:00
18:00 - 19:000, 2, 3, 4, 9
19:15 - 20:151, 5, 6, 7, 8
Year 1

13 September 2024 (Fri)

20:30 - 21:300, 2, 3, 4, 9
21:45 - 22:451, 5, 6, 7, 8

The dates and timeslots above may not apply to certain students, therefore students must check their registration status to avoid discrepancies.  

The quota of most ILP courses will be evenly allocated in each time slot to provide equal opportunities for students.




Academic Standing

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA) is a figure ranging from 0 to 4.00 used to indicate the overall performance of a student in all academic terms up to date.  If a student’s  Cumulative GPA falls below 1.67, they will be put on academic probation in the following term(s).  For more details on the grading system, cGPA, academic standing and academic honours, please refer to Sections 18 - 21 of the Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies.


Graduation Requirements


1) English Language Requirement

Password Test

Undergraduate students who are admitted to Year 1 or directly to Year 2 or above are required to take the Password Test twice during their studies at Lingnan.  For details, please visit the website of the Registry.  


English Language Graduate Requirement

A minimum overall band score of 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic) is set as the University-wide English language requirement for graduation.  Students are required to meet the English language requirement before they graduate.  


2) Information Technology Fluency Test (ITF)

As a graduation requirement, all undergraduate students must  pass the ITF test during their studies at the University.


3) Integrated Learning Programme (ILP)

Through the holistic enrichment activities provided by the Integrated Learning Programme, students enjoy their university life from the transitional process of new students to becoming advanced learners during their learning journey at Lingnan.  For details on the ILP activities, please visit the ILP Website.

There are six learning domains in the ILP:

Six learning domains in the ILP

All Lingnan undergraduate students are required to fulfil the minimum ILP unit requirements as one of the graduation requirements.  The breakdown is as follows:

Minimum ILP Unit Requirements

1 Students who have participated in and completed an approved Student Exchange Programme (SEP) can acquire an exemption of 7.5 ILP units under Free Electives.  For details, please refer to Office of Global Education.

2 If students cannot participate in or complete the NSO programme, they are required to obtain ILP units under Free Electives.


Suggested ILP Study Plan:

Suggested ILP Study Plan+NSO refers to New Student Orientation



4) Service-Learning (S-L)


Service-Learning (S-L) is a pedagogy that combines academic study with meaningful community service and continuous reflection.  Active community service and global learning opportunities are two main focuses of Liberal arts education at Lingnan University.  Apart from providing research opportunities in S-L projects, innovation and entrepreneurship are important components in S-L.  Students will integrate creative problem-solving methods (like Design Thinking) in planning S-L projects, making a positive impact on local and international communities and greatly benefitting students’ personal growth and future career development.


Being recognised as a key element of liberal arts education, S-L has become a graduation requirement for all first-year undergraduate students joining Lingnan from 2016-2017 onwards.  All students complete a service project of at least 30 hours (including preparatory service training) in conjunction with an academic course that has S-L elements offered by academic departments and/or the Office of Service-Learning, or approved courses offered by overseas institutions.



Other Requirements

Attendance in Awards Presentation and Sports Day

Students are required to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony (or the Honorary Fellowship Presentation Ceremony) and the Sports Day at least once during their four years of study at the University.  Attendance at these events will be shown as "Fulfilled" or Not Fulfilled" on the "Certificate of Awards and Participation (CAP)".