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Lingnan University Cultivates Student’s Sense of Social Responsibility Through Community Engagement and Youth Ambassador Program

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Lingnan University (LU) is committed to helping students develop not only professionally and academically, but also as responsible citizens who are aware of their social responsibilities and are actively engaged in their communities.


LU’s Institute of Policy Studies and School of Graduate Studies provide opportunities for students to participate in community service projects, volunteer work, and other activities that promote social responsibility. With the new railway projects in the pipeline, the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and MTR Corporation Limited (MTR Corporation) have jointly organized the "New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors Programme" since 2022. Around 40 Lingnan students are trained to serve as Youth Ambassadors and held over 20 sessions of roving talks for over 3,000 participants at schools and community centres to promote the MTR's new railway projects - Tung Chung Line Extension and Tuen Mun South Extension. The talks catered students’ learning needs and were well-received by participating schools.


Mendes SUN Hang from the Doctor of Policy Studies was recently selected as an ambassador for the Programme. The student visited Yan Ping Industrial & Commercial Association (YPICA) Lee Lim Ming College to provide an informative presentation on the Tuen Mun South Extension Project on 18 April 2023. During the visit, Mendes shared valuable insights on the Tuen Mun South Extension project, using environmental and efficiency perspectives to highlight the benefits and design features of the new railway stations. The presentation was engaging and informative, and the students were able to gain a better understanding of the potential advantages of the new rail line. The ambassador also encouraged the students to become more involved in their local communities and to stay informed about important initiatives and infrastructure projects like the Tuen Mun South Extension. Mendes emphasized the importance of being an informed and engaged member of community as part of the personal growth and encouraged the students to participate in similar activities and events in the future.


Mendes expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the programme, stating that the experience had helped him develop their public speaking skills and provided him with a valuable learning opportunity. He was able to share knowledge on new railway development with secondary school students, and he is pleased to see the students become more interested in the Tuen Mun South Extension project.


The School of Graduate Studies recognizes that personal development is an important aspect of graduate education. It provides resources and support services that can help students develop self-awareness and other skills that are essential for personal growth. Through its programs, services, and community engagement initiatives, the School of Graduate Studies helps students develop the skills, knowledge, and values they need to become responsible and engaged citizens in their communities and in the wider world.


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