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ADSI Concentration


The SEIM Concentration in Art and Design for Social Impact (ADSI) is designed for students who want to innovate within the creative industries sector and make a positive impact through art and culture. Students will be taught the underlying skills necessary to manage everything from the development of new methods for the presentation of exhibits in museums, to the use of technologies, such as AI, in visual advertisements and the movie industry. They will also learn how to use both innovative management techniques, and an entrepreneurial mindset, to ensure their projects have a positive social impact.


Students opting for the ADSI Concentration will take 2 courses which focus on applying design and innovation know-how in the context of both the creative industries and of intangible cultural heritage. The Interactive Arts and Technology course will provide students with hands-on experience of using digital and other technologies relevant to the creative arts and industries. The Design Methods for Arts and Culture course will teach similar problem-solving concepts and methods as the SEIM equivalent, but will look at them in the context of revitalising aspects of our intangible cultural heritage and of innovation within the creative industries.


The programme for SEIM students who choose the ADSI Concentration looks as follows:


Course Type

Course Title


Core Course

Design Innovation for Arts and Culture


 Innovation Management


 Entrepreneurial Leadership for Social Startups


 Interactive Arts and Technology


 Globalization, Policy and Society


  Inclusive Entrepreneurship – Scaling-Up in Developing Markets


Elective Course (select one) (subject to change according to the course availability)

Gerontechnology: Design for an Ageing Society


 Humanitarian Technology


 Introduction to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Planning 3

Capstone Project

 Design Innovation for Addressing Social Challenges



A student who fulfils all the requirements for graduation shall be awarded a Master of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (Art and Design for Social Impact).


All regulations for the ADSI Concentration are the same as those for the overall SEIM programme (unless otherwise stated).