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List of equipment to SEN Students

List of equipment to SEN Students
Equipment List to SEN Students


Reading Aid

Mobile Optelec Compact 7 HD Reading Aid

This portable reading aid is designed to assist students with visual impairments. It features a high-definition camera that captures text and displays it on a screen, allowing students to magnify and read printed materials more easily, and supporting students in accessing and engaging with written content independently.

OrCam MyEye Pro

OrCam MyEye Pro

The OrCam MyEye Pro is a wearable device that assists students with visual impairments or reading difficulties. It uses artificial intelligence to read text, recognize faces, and identify objects. It provides real-time audio feedback, enabling students to access printed materials, navigate their surroundings, and recognize people independently.

Portable Induction Loop

Signet Portable Induction Loop

The Signet Portable Induction Loop is an assistive listening device designed for students with hearing impairments. It creates a magnetic field that transmits sound directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants equipped with a telecoil. It improves sound clarity and reduces background noise, ensuring that students can hear and understand spoken information effectively.

Smart Mike

Smart Mike

A wireless microphone system that can be beneficial for students with hearing impairments, auditory processing, or note-taking difficulties. It captures and amplifies sound, converts speech into texts instantly to ensure that students can follow discussion and take notes clearly.


Amelia VR

Amelia VR is a virtual reality (VR) system that can be used to support students with various disabilities. It offers immersive experiences and simulations that can enhance learning, social skills, and sensory integration. It provides a safe and controlled environment for students to explore and practice real-life situations.

Scanmarker Air

Scanmarker Air

A handheld scanning pen that assists students with reading difficulties or dyslexia. It allows students to scan printed text and transfer it to a computer or mobile device. It supports students in quickly and accurately converting printed materials into digital text, facilitating reading and comprehension.


Logi Webcam

The video camera that can be used for remote learning or communication purposes. It enables students with mobility or health-related challenges to participate in virtual classrooms or meetings, and especially for students who need them for career-related interviews.


Azuor A1 Translator

A portable device that supports students with language barriers or communication difficulties. It offers real-time translation between multiple languages, facilitating communication and understanding. It enables students to participate fully in classroom discussions and activities.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids : Special FM Listening System

This FM listening system acts as hearing aids to facilitate students with hearing impairment to hear clearly when attending lecture at large lecture rooms.


iPad Pro

iPad Pro (both 11-inch and 12.9-inch) can be lent from ITSC Service Counter for the use with Splashtop Classroom.


Computers reserved for Students with SEN

In both The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong Integrated IT Study Centre (MB412) and Fong Sum Wood Library (MB101/11), there are computers with special hardware and software available for students with SEN to use.

Adjustable Table

Height Adjustable Tables

whose height is adjustable for wheelchairs with different height levels.

Monitor Arms

Flexi Monitor Arms

which facilitates putting computer monitors in different positions and angles.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

A suite of software applications that can support students with various disabilities in expressing their creativity and engaging in multimedia projects. It includes tools for graphic design, video editing, audio production and more. It provides students with the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic skills and talents especially in career development.


JAWS (“Job Access With Speech”)

JAWS is a computer screen reader programme for Microsoft Windows that allows blind or visually-impaired users to read the screen with either text-to-speech output or a refreshable Braille display.


NVDA - Hong Kong Version

which helps to turn words in computer screens to voice or braille.


BRITE ("Braille Instant Translation and Editing")

BRITE is a multi-functional Braille translation editing programme which allows people to easily perform two-way instant translation between Braille and regular texts. It provides great convenience for people with visual impairment to read and write, hence helps them overcome the obstacles in learning, employment and daily communication.

ZoomText Magnifier

ZoomText Magnifier

which helps to enlarge texts in computer screens, much more professional than the Windows built-in Magnifier.