Regular Test of Emergency Generator


To:All Staff and Students
From:Dennis Wong 
Director of Campus Development and Management
Date:5 February 2024



The regular monthly on load test to the emergency generator will be carried out on 24 February 2024. Electricity supply to certain facilities in the following buildings will be interrupted as follows:


DateTimeBuildingsInterrupted Facilities/Services
24 February 2024 
9:00am to
  • Indoor Sports Complex
  • Lau Lee Yuen Haan Amenities Building
  • Dorothy Y.L.Wong Building
  • Power & lighting in some common areas and rooms
  • LAN, WiFi, and IP Phone Services
  • Lift Services
10:00am to
  • Chan Tak Tai Auditorium
  • Wong Administration Building
  • Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building
  • B.Y. Lam Building
  • Leung Kau Kui Building
  • Ho Sin Hang Building
11:00am to
  • William M.W.Mong Hall
  • The Bank of East Asia Hall
  • Tsung Tsin Associated Hall
  • Fok Cho Min Hall
  • Chung Shun Hall
  • Yee Min Hall
  • Lam Woo Hall
  • Visitors’ Quarters
1:00pm to
  • The Jockey Club New Hall
  • Lau Chung Him Building and Chapel
2:00pm to
  • The Jockey Club Hall
3:30pm to
  • Simon and Eleanor Kwok Building
  • Wong Hoo Chuen Hall
  • Wu Jieh Yee Hall


You are kindly recommended to switch off all electrical appliances and log out of all computers during the scheduled period.     
The schedule may be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances on site.     
Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Campus Support Office at 2616 7134.