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Guidelines for Student Bodies to Dispatch Emails to staff and/or students

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1. With the aims of promoting campus life and enhancing the communication between students and the University, services will be provided for student bodies to dispatch emails to all staff and/or students.

2. Student bodies should take full legal responsibilities for the contents of all dispatches. The e-mails containing violence, pornography, defamatory materials or predominately serving commercial interest are subject to legal liability and will not be approved for dispatch.

3. Student bodies however should note that use of services is not of the right. The University reserves that right of withdrawal of the services if deemed necessary.

4. Student bodies using the services will be assumed to agree with and be bid by this memorandum.

5. For the benefit of the non-Chinese readers, please use both ENGLISH and CHINESE in the emails or at least append a summary in English. The Office of Student Affairs will return the emails without the English version to the sender for further revision.

6. To avoid overloading of the server, emails with attachment files will not be entertained. Student bodies are encouraged to create a hyperlink with their own homepage for this purpose. Please understand that the graphics inserted in the emails may be deformed during transfer.