Subsite Background

Peer Mentor Programme (Peer Mentor)

Are you friendly, positive, proactive and willing to help others?
Do you wish to help new students adjust to university life?
Would you like to take this opportunity to demonstrate and enhance your leadership and communication skills?
If YES, don’t miss this invaluable opportunity by joining NSO 2023 as Peer Mentor!


Aims and Objectives

The Peer Mentor Programme is to help:

  • new students adjust to hostel and university life;
  • mentors gain leadership skills through helping experience;
  • develop a supportive and effective learning community at the University;
  • create a caring culture in the campus; and
  • identify special needs of new undergraduate students and make necessary referrals. 



23 August 2023 to 31 May 2024


Year 2 or above full-time undergraduate students


Full-time undergraduate new students  (First-year or Senior year)


Mentors are paired with up to 3-4 mentees who will:

  • build and contribute to a mentoring relationship with peers by meeting regularly as a small group to discuss and share experience;
  • foster student engagement and support peers in adjusting to hostel and/or university life;
  • practice active listening and provide referrals to campus resources; and
  • organize and participate in mentoring sessions and/or group activities with your mentee(s).


What You Will Gain for Full Committment:

  • Friendship
  • Unique leadership exposure and tailor-made training
  • Social Network
  • ILP Units: 
    • New Peer Mentor: 6 units (Completion of Briefing Session, Training and Completion of Peer Mentor Programme)
    • Ex-Peer Mentor: 3 units (Completion of Briefing Session and Completion of Peer Mentor Programme)
  • Maximum allowance per peer mentor: $500 cash allowance plus $160 activity allowance
    • HK$200, upon completion of Training AND submission of mid-term Programme Evaluation by 29 December 2023
    • HK$300, upon completion of at least one Student-LED Social Event AND submission of term-end Programme Evaluation by 19 May 2024
    • Up to HK$80 allowance per Peer Mentor per Term


Application & Selection

Date / Period


24 Apr to 10 May 2023

Application Period
Please click HERE for the online application form.

You may click HERE for the steps and requirements of transcript.

Application Deadline : 11:59pm, 10 May 2023

Before 12 May 2023

Release the interview arrangement through email

15 - 18 May 2023

Selection Interview for shortlisted candidates

31 May 2023

Announcement of Peer Mentor Application Results

Applicants will receive the result through email.


Preliminary Schedule

8 July 2023

(15 July as bad weather contingency)

Peer Mentor Training :

Attend half-day training (Face-to-face)

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: LKK301

23 August 2023 
(Batch 1)

1 September 2023 
(Batch 2)

Receive Group List & Call Your Mentees

25 August 2023 New Student Orientation (NSO)

29 December 2023

Submission of Mid-term Programme Evaluation

19 May 2024 Submission of Term-end Programme Evaluation


ILP Units for Peer Mentors

New Peer Mentors

Completed Briefing Session, Training & Peer Mentor Programme

6 ILP units

(2 ILP units in Intellectual & Entrepreneurship Development + 2 ILP units in Social & Emotional Well-being + 2 ILP units in Civic Education & Leadership Development respectively)

Ex-Peer Mentors

Completed Briefing Session &

Peer Mentor Programme

3 ILP units

(1 ILP unit in Intellectual & Entrepreneurship Development + 1 ILP unit in Social & Emotional Well-being + 1 ILP unit in Civic Education & Leadership Development respectively)


Online Self-learning Material

To enhance your communication and social skills before connecting the new students for a good start, you are recommended to watch below video(s) by 23 August 2023.  

  1. The Secrets of Effective Communication with Young People (in English):
  2. Social skills Training (in Cantonese) :


Guidelines and Forms for Reporting

Guidelines & Forms Download
Guidelines for Using Programme Subsidy & Submission of Term Report PDF
Term & Financial Report Word