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Leadership Enhancement & Student Societies

Leadership Enhancement Scheme

The Leadership Enhancement Scheme(LEP) is to recognize students’ learning experience in serving student societies as office-bearers. Students who are office-bearers of student societies registered under Students’ Union, Student Hostel Associations (SHAs) or groups under Office of Student Affairs or University Office are eligible for applying the scheme. The details are as follows:

Training Component

Students are required to complete 2 ILP units of training under the LEP in the Integrated Learning Programme. The training aims to equip office-bearers with necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become effective student leaders. The training topics will focus on integrity, self governance, ethics, equal opportunity, effective meeting and leadership skills.

Practicum Component

Another 7 to 13 ILP units in the domain of Social & Emotional Development will be awarded to the students if (1) he/she has attained 2 or above ILP units in the training under the LEP; (2) he/she has completed the term of services for student societies; and (3) written annual report and financial report of his/her student society have been approved by the respective supervising unit, such as student societies by Students’ Union, Student Hostel Associations approved by Wardens Offices, and groups under Office of Student Affairs or University Office approved by Office of Student Affairs (OSA). 

Student Societies

Students are encouraged to form student societies to organize activities which will benefit fellow students or community at large.

Students’ Union & its Affiliated Student Societies 

Lingnan University Students’ Union (LUSU), registered with the Societies Registration Office, is the only independent organization representing all full-time students at the University. Programme-based societies and many interest clubs are affiliated to LUSU.

LUSU promotes student welfare, strengthens fellow students’ cultural, intellectual and moral development, and cultivates a sense of responsibility and social awareness among fellow students.  

LUSU also represents students in the governance of the University through serving as members at various University Committees which play decision-making and advisory roles in the formulation of policies and management matters.  Do contact LUSU if you have any suggestions towards the University.