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Mainland Internship Programmes

Updated 22 Jan 2024

The Pre-Internship Training Programme (PTP) is a series of face-to-face/online training and self-learning courses that prepares you to acquire the skills which are deemed essential nowadays in job hunting and professional networking. Students who are applying for internship programmes and/or internship subsidies arranged by OSA to participate in an internship programme are highly recommended to join this PTP prior to the internships.

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Despite the global turbulence and economic volatility, the mainland China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative is in full swing, a solid demonstration of China’s unwavering prowess on the global stage.  When all eyes around the world are on the mainland,  no doubt a work exposure in the mainland is a definite plus for one’s employability, in addition to one’s personal and career development in the increasingly competitive work environment.  Indeed proven successes in graduate employment have confirmed this and quite some of our past interns had successfully achieved graduate offers from prominent companies which have business connections in the mainland in particular.

We offer a rich variety of mainland summer internships to help students acquire this invaluable “preferred-to-have” work exposure before seeking graduate employment. Our mainland summer internships are greatly sponsored by the University and/or our donar(s), and thus participating students would only be required to pay a programme fee of around HK$2000-$3000 (depends on the programme) for a 2-month internship cum cultural exposure.  Application usually opens during Jan-early Feb, please refer to individual programme webpage below for details.

Mainland Summer Internships