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Local Internships

local internships
Local Internship Programmes
Local internship provides opportunities for students to be exposed to the local dynamic working environment. With the actual local work experience, students will not only enrich their professional knowledge and generic skills in the workplace, but also establish a good rapport with colleagues and extend network. Local internship experiences prior to graduation will strengthen students' overall profile and employability.
Local Summer Internship

The majority of placement company / organization provide a financial incentive. Individual company / organization may offer some allowance throughout the internship period to cover the transportation and meal expenses for the selected student interns. OSA may provide a minimum amount of subsidy to students whose internship is unpaid.

Application usually opens in late Jan to mid-Feb every year, please refer to the programme webpage for details.


The HKSAR Government offers paid summer internship placement opportunities for local full-time undergraduate students (who are permanent residents of Hong Kong) every year. Applications usually starts in late April / early May, please refer to the programme webpage and JIP for more details about the nominations and openings.