Message from CIO and University Librarian

During the first academic term of 2021/22, ITSC staff has been busy to enhance the learning environment.  Hostel D and E are the two Halls that have replaced their outdated Wi-Fi facilities.  The new Wi-Fi system is able to support a greater throughput that should have improved the long-standing problem of instability and poor reception. Our colleagues will arrange replacement with the other 6 Halls. Since the Wi-Fi receiver is to be installed in each room, our vendor will come to the Hall and knock your door to see if they can enter your room. Your cooperation to allow them to enter the room to complete with the installation is much appreciated.

Another improvement is a new connection service for University’s IoT devices.  Internet of Things (IoT) such as sensors, robots, beacons, remote monitoring devices, smart wearables, access control systems, and other devices that is embedded with software or systems, can carry data and make a connection over the Internet are more ubiquitous for conducting research and enhancing the learning experience. ITSC is pleased to support registration and connection of these devices to our Wi-Fi network so that these devices can be interlinked for sharing and exchanging data. Departments are welcome to visit this page: for more details.

To support the University’s strategy to move towards data-driven decision-making, ITSC has spearheaded with the development of a Data Repository System for different levels of programmes. The debut of the Data Repository System for TPG programmes was made on September 21, 2021.  Another Data Repository system for UG programmes is also on the pipeline. Continuous improvement will be made to these systems so that colleagues and administrators will find the system useful and helpful in the operation of their programmes. 

Efforts are also made to improve the teaching facilities in lecture theatres and meeting rooms, to upgrade the network infrastructure and to develop various software applications to support your teaching and learning journey. Yet, of all these online services, cybersecurity remains crucial to ensure you are in a safe and secure environment to access these systems and data.  ITSC has recently launched a new Online Cybersecurity Training Course by partnering with an external cybersecurity training platform to equip with all the basic and advanced knowledge in cybersecurity. You are welcome to take the course now:

This newsletter will give you a snapshot of all the recent developments of ITSC services and facilities. Hope you will enjoy reading it.  

Wish you to have a Happy Lunar New Year, keep safe and healthy.