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REHome 修築

REhome is committed to helping low-income families improve their living environment by offering affordable home repair services. In addition, REhome also provides job opportunities for contractors who are "retired, unemployed, low-educated and hope to start with a clean slate“.


The Issue

An individual's health is closely related to their living environment. However, commercial renovation companies charge high fees to provide home improvement services. Low-income families cannot afford expensive repairs and are forced to live in dilapidated houses in poor living conditions.


The Solution

REHome not only provides cheap renovation services but also extends training support to those in need. Thus, REHome actively encourages mutual assistance relationships in society, positively influencing those in need.



So far, REHome has served more than 30 renovation and maintenance projects, offered preferential prices for 9 families, cooperated with regional agencies to provide voluntary maintenance services for more than 10 families, and hired 4 retired contractors.



Low-income families and retired contractors


Project Team

TO Cheuk Lam: Team Leader

NG Sinlaam, NG Chung Hong, LAM Wing Lam: Team Member

Nicholas OOI : Faculty Advisor


Funding Source

Graduate Support Fund 2020 - 2021


Project Classification

Social enterprise / SDG 3: Good health and Well-being / Living Condition