CIO & University Librarian's Message

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all new undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as over 100 new academic staff and colleagues. I am happy to meet many of you in the staff and student orientations. The Library has prepared well to support your exciting journey at Lingnan.

Staff Orientation 
Figure 1 Staff Orientation 2023 in the Library
 Student Orientation
Figure 2: Student Orientation 2023 in the Library

Our SPACE is ready. I am excited to announce that the renovation of 1/F and 3/F, as well as the creation of the mezzanine floor (M/F), have been completed after three years of effort. While most users will focus on the 1/F and M/F which have been spatially reorganised to provide a wide variety of learning experiences to users, the 3/F is designed to be a quiet floor for personal study. Most collections are housed on this floor, furnished with two nucleus-featured seating and stylish seating booths interspersed among the bookshelves, creating a strong reading atmosphere. You are most welcome to visit this pretty new space and enjoy studying there. Click here for more about our renovation projects.

Our COLLECTIONS are ready. In the past few months, the Library staff have strived their best efforts to acquire more collections for various academic programs and research. You will find a long list of new resources here as you read along this issue. Our e-resources are also increasing, and the 1-Search system has also been upgraded to enhance the discoverability of our featured collections. But we are not complacent with this and strongly believe in co-building the collections with users. Your feedback on any gaps in the collection is much appreciated.

Our SERVICES are ready. We are one of the pioneers in Hong Kong to introduce HKALL & Partners service, which greatly expands our partnership with more overseas libraries, truly satisfying your needs beyond the four walls of the Library. Orientations and Library Tours are underway, and various workshops specially designed for undergraduates and postgraduates have been mounted on the Library Website for your registration. The Library staff are helping our faculty members to create reading lists on Moodle. The LU Barn has been furnished with new equipment to support 3D printing and more workshops to introduce its use will be arranged.

We are ready to serve you and hope that we will become your good partner in your Lingnan journey.