Space and Services for Postgraduate Students

As a part of our continued commitment to supporting our growing postgraduate student community, the Library is delighted to offer the following upgraded facilities and services for your use.

 1. Postgraduate Research Carrels on the 1/F

These carrels are available for booking via the Library Rooms / Facilities Booking System, providing you with private study spaces tailored to your needs. Overnight service of this dedicated study environment will be available during the revision and examination periods of each Academic Term for your success in the examinations.

Postgraduate Research Carrels

2. Postgraduate Lounge on the M/F

This cosy space has been designed for collaborative work, offering a comfortable area that complements the variety of other study spaces available within the Library.

Postgraduate Lounge

3. Research Consultation Service

To assist you in developing your research plan, we encourage you to register for our Research Consultation Service. This service is tailored to help you develop effective research skills and search strategies, identify and evaluate the most appropriate resources for your research, and provide guidance on accessing resources from the LU Library and other libraries.

To help you become acquainted with these and other Library services, we invite you to join our Library Orientation Tours, available until mid-October. To further enhance your research skills, we are also planning a series of Library workshops.

Library Tour 2023

We are eagerly looking forward to supporting you in your academic journey and are confident that you will greatly benefit from these dedicated services.