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ASEAN Internship Scheme for Hong Kong Higher Education Students



♦ Background ♦

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is committed to nurturing young people and to better preparing them for an increasingly globalized world.  The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in Singapore launched an internship scheme in 2014 to widen Hong Kong higher education students' international perspectives and enhance bilateral relations between Hong Kong and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).  Host organisations included private companies, international organisations, academic institutions, think-tanks, arts and cultural organisations, etc.

♦ Aims ♦

The Scheme aims to:

  • Give students first-hand practical experience in a field related to their career interest, with exposure to the socio-economic environment of the ASEAN region;
  • Cultivate students as the “ambassadors” of Hong Kong in the ASEAN region, and vice versa upon their return to Hong Kong, to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen the ties between Hong Kong and the ASEAN member countries;
  • Foster exchanges at university and industry levels between Hong Kong and ASEAN member countries to unleash potential for future cross-sectoral collaborations;
  • Groom a generation of culturally savvy leaders of tomorrow to benefit both Hong Kong and ASEAN member countries. 

♦ Target Participants ♦

Primarily full-time local undergraduate students.  Postgraduate and non-local undergraduate students can be included, if the institution/host organisation concerned consider it appropriate, subject to any applicable visa/entry requirements of the ASEAN country (e.g. Singapore has an age limit of 25 for Work Holiday Pass holders.).  Interested students can refer to the Job Description for details.

♦ Internship Period ♦

The internship programme will be arranged during the summer vacation of students, generally lasting from end of May to August.  The exact reporting period will be discussed between Host Organisation and student intern.

♦ Duration ♦

A minimum of 6 – 10 weeks physical internship in the respective ASEAN country is preferred. Virtual/remote internship in which the student intern stays entirely in Hong Kong will not be accepted.

♦ Logistical Arrangement ♦

Work visa, air tickets, accommodation, insurance etc. are to be arranged by the student interns concerned.  Student interns should ensure they are appropriately and sufficiently insured for the entire internship period.

♦ Job Scope and Screening ♦

Host organisations can set out the job scope and specific requirements (e.g. preferred academic faculty) in the provided Job Description.  Our OSA will nominate students for selection.  Host organisations can conduct telephone or online interviews with the candidates before making offers.  Interested students can refer to the Job Description of each post for details.

♦ No. of Vacancies at Each Host Organization ♦

The number of vacancies is subject to provision of proper coaching and sufficient immersion in the industry environment provided by Host Organisation for the student interns.

♦ Honorarium for Interns ♦

Most opportunities are unpaid jobs.  You can refer to the Job Description of each post for any allowance provided.

♦ Programme Fee ♦

  • No programme is required
    • After completion of programme, each student needs submit a report on internship experience (around 400 words in English) and provide at least ten photos (showing face) during the internship.  HKETOs in Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok may use the report and photo for their publicity purpose.
  • Lingnan University subsidize each Full-time UG Student with ASEAN internship a maximum subsidy of HK$10,000. (Apply only to unpaid internship.)
    • 4-week to less than 6 weeks: HK$8,000
    • More than 6 weeks: Maximum HK$10,000


About OSA Overseas Internship Subsidy (for eligible students only)

  • Only full-time UG students are eligible to apply for the subsidy.
  • Students need to arrange own expenses during the programme, approved subsidy will be transferred to eligible student upon completion of programme and fulfilment of requirements.
  • To apply for the subsidy, students need submit (1) Pre- & Post- Internship Evaluation; (2) Report on Internship Requirements (around 400 words in English), and (3) at least ten photos during the internship (showing face).  Items (2) & (3) can fulfil requirements from HKETOs above, students do not need to prepare separated items.


The cost of living in ASEAN countries varies greatly.  The price is also subject to accommodation type (e.g. hostel or hotel), room type, period (seasonality) and availability.  In general, the predicted accommodation cost ranges from HK$1,200 to HK$6,000 a month, and spending on food or transportation ranges from HK$1000 to HK$2500 a month.  All students should have relevant travel insurance.  All costs should be borne by student (including visa application fee, insurance, transportation).

♦ Application ♦

  1. Complete the ► Online Application and submit on or before 11:59pm, 12 Jan 2024 (Friday).
  2. Each student can apply no more than THREE internship posts.  Students apply for more than three posts will NOT be considered for nomination for this scheme.
  3. Please prepare the below attachments before submitting applications:
    • CV for application
    • Recent photo in business attire
    • Copy of transcript (web transcript is also accepted)
    • Copy of passport
  4. Programme Updates will be notified through email.  Students should check email regularly.

♦ Enquiries ♦

Mr Edwin Fok
T: 2616-7408
E: [email protected]
Ms Sarah Lee
T: 2616-7306
E: [email protected]