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Dr. WANG Huatian

Dr. Huatian Wang

Research Assistant Professor

Office:   VQ102/1, Visitors' Quarters
               Department of Psychology
               Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

TEL:      (852) 2616 7816

FAX:     (852) 2616 5997



Dr. Huatian Wang obtained his PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology from the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. He joined Lingnan University in August 2022. His research broadly focuses on organizational psychology, organizational behavior, occupational health, and human resources management, including but not limited to the topics of workplace (group) diversity and inclusion, individual proactivity, job (re)design, job characteristics, employee training and intervention. 



  • Workplace (group) diversity
  • Individual proactivity
  • Job design
  • Job characteristics
  • Work engagement and burnout



(* refers to corresponding author)

Wang, H.* (2022). Making the best of workplace diversity: From the management level to the employee level. PhD dissertation. Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven.

Wang, H.*, Rispens, S., and Demerouti, E, (2022). Boosting creativity in functional diverse work groups: The importance of help-seeking behavior and openness to experience. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Wang, H.*, Ding, H., and Kong, X, (2022). Understanding technostress and employee well-being in digital work: The roles of work exhaustion and workplace knowledge diversity. International Journal of Manpower (in press).

Xue Q., Yang J., Wang, H.*, Zhang, D. (2022). How and when leisure crafting enhances college students’ well-being: A weekly diary study. Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 15, 273-290.

Wang, H, Yang, J., Li, P. (2021). The impact of social factors on job crafting: A meta-analysis and review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(21), 8061.

Tian, W., Wang, H.*, & Rispens, S. (2021). How and when job crafting relates to employee creativity: The important roles of work engagement and perceived work group status diversity. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(1), 291.

Wang, H., Li, P.*, Chen, S. (2020). How and when goal-oriented self-regulation improves college students’ well-being: A weekly diary study. Current Psychology, 1-12.


Working papers

Wang, H., Ren, Y., and Liu, W*. (2022). A weekly diary study on playful study design, study engagement, and goal attainment: The role of proactive personality. Journal of Happiness Studies (revised and resubmitted).

Wang, H*, Rispens, S., and Demerouti, E. (2022). Boosting organizational environmental performance: The important roles of top management team functional diversity and decision-making. Group & Organization Management (under review)

Wang, H*, Rispens, S., and Demerouti, E. (2022). Crafting professional networks: A self-training intervention study. Journal of Vocational Behavior (Under review).


Teaching Subjects

Academic Year: 2022-23

1st Term PSY513 Organisational Psychology  
  PSY603 Seminar on Selected Issues in Work and Organisational Psychology  
2nd Term PSY513 Organisational Psychology