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School of Graduate Studies is the main contributing unit of MHPM programme with the engagement of professionally-oriented, external partners in the housing and property management fields.


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The School of Graduate Studies (GS) was founded to oversee the development of postgraduate studies programmes. In line with the strategic development goals of Lingnan University 2016-2022, GS is charged to collaborate with leading universities and research institutions in the region and beyond to offer strategic regional and international masters and doctoral programmes. For further information about GS and its other programmes, please visit


Professionally-oriented, external partners More

Leading practitioners, representatives from related professional bodies and administrators of non-governmental organizations organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises will be invited to delivered lectures or talks to our students. These industry practitioners can relate the academic topics to the actual applicability in the jobsite. With their involvement in MHPM, students can gain a deeper understanding of material when theory is contextualized through real-life practical examples.