Chinese Peer Learning Programme(1st Term, 2022-23)中文朋辈学习计划


Chinese Peer Learning Programme Closing Ceremony - 1st Term, 2022-23L2EI

28 November 2022



This program is designed to provide a conducive and diverse language learning environment in LU. Through joining gatherings with a Chinese student tutor fluent in Putonghua and English throughout the term, “Participants” (non-Chinese speaking students) can make friends from different places, know more about Chinese cultures, practice speaking Chinese in relaxing environments, and boost their interest and confidence in reading or writing Chinese. After a term of practicing, the Chinese student tutors will be awarded in a ceremony in which the "Participants" will share their learning outcomes. 


Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes

This program aims to meet the diverse learning needs of non-Chinese speaking students. Students who have joined this program are expected to: 

Student tutors: 

  • Enhance their language ability on both Chinese and English. 
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills. 
  • Have a unique language teaching experience. 
  • Facilitates the competitiveness in a global, diverse context. 


  • Enhance their confidence and ability of Chinese communication. 
  • Improve pronunciation and accumulate vocabulary in Chinese. 
  • Have a better understanding of Chinese culture. 
  • Making new friends and become more familiar with Hong Kong. 



Photos of the Award Ceremony

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