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Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre (CLEAC)


Chinese Medicine, Chinese Language and Traditional CultureL2EI

Date:10 October 2022(Monday)

Time:4:30pm - 6:30pm




Speaker:Dr. MA Mao Peng, Paul

Description of the Seminar

Many classical Chinese literary works involve Chinese medicine knowledge which roots in traditional culture. And the ability in classical Chinese is also helpful for the understanding of Chinese medicine as well. In this ILP, we first read some excerpts from the common classics for Chinese Medicine and Chinese language such as Zhouyi《周易》 and Neijing《內經》 to understand the concepts of Yin 陰 and Yang 陽 and their application in Chinese medicine. Then we analyze some essays by ancient writers such as Liu Yuxi劉禹錫, Xin qiji辛棄疾 and Li Dongyang李東陽 through the perspective of Chinese medicine to get a better understanding of the essays and the connection between literati and Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese society. 

Photos of the Seminar

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