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Department of Economics

HO Thuy-ai (2019年博士畢業生)

Deputy Dean, Faculty of International Economics, Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City
Participating in the PhD program in the Department of Economics at Lingnan University is great experience in my life and has brought enormous benefit to my academic career. The PhD study is very stressful by nature but has become an interesting journey to me with the insightful guidance, intensive support, and outstanding academic training I received from my supervisors and the Department's seminars. I also had chance to enhance my econometric and theoretical grounding by attending wonderful classes at Lingnan University and the University of Hong Kong under the Cross-Institutional Course Enrollment Scheme.

I am currently a lecturer at Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, a public university under the State Bank of Vietnam. I also work as an adviser for some companies in the financial sector. I would say it is the excellent training from the Department of Economics and the financial support from the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme that helped me join the world-class academic profession and achieve the current positions. I am so proud of being part of the Department.