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    Assistant Professor
BSocSc (CityU); MPhil, PhD (CUHK)
  Office: Rm. VQ104/2, Visitors' Quarters
Lingnan University
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
  TEL: (852) 2616 7128
  FAX: (852) 2465 1429
    Personal website:
    e-Mail: [email protected]

Kai Yang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and International Affairs, Lingnan University. Previously, he held visiting fellowship at the University of Vienna (2020-21) with the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Ernst Mach Grant (EPU), and University of California at Berkeley (2021-22) funded by the China-U.S. Scholars Program (CUSP). He employs both qualitative and quantitative methods to study contentious politics, transnational political learning, and political trust. His research have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Comparative Politics, The China Journal, The China Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary China, and Modern China.      

Selected Publications | Top

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles  

Kai Yang. (conditionally accepted). “Accommodating veterans in China: Resettlement, resistance, and the rise of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.” The China Review.

Kai Yang. (forthcoming). "Demobilizing Veterans: Campaign-style stability maintenance in China." Modern China. Online first:

Xi Chen and Kai Yang. 2023. "The puzzle of cross-provincial activism in China: From relational dynamics to state strategies." Comparative Politics 55 (4): 597-615.

Kai Yang. 2023. "Beyond parochial activism: Cross-regional protests and the changing landscape of popular contention in China." Journal of Contemporary China 32 (140): 280-295. 

Kai Yang. 2022. "Mobilizing without solidarity: Sustained activism among Chinese veterans." The China Journal 87(1): 1-19. 

Kai Yang and Stephan Ortmann. 2018. "From Sweden to Singapore: The relevance of foreign models for China's rise." The China Quarterly 236: 946-967.

Book Chapters  

Kai Yang and Stephan Ortmann. 2020. "The Origins of the Singapore Fever in China: 1978-1992," in Stephan Ortmann and Mark R Thompson, eds., China’s "Singapore model" and Authoritarian Learning. London: Routledge.

Mark R Thompson, Stephan Ortmann and Kai Yang. 2020. "Conclusion: The Fall of the Singapore Model." in Stephan Ortmann and Mark R Thompson, eds., China's "Singapore model" and Authoritarian Learning. London: Routledge.

 Kai Yang. 2017. "Chinese mayors' class in Singapore," (in Chinese) in Yuanli Lyu, Wankun Zhang and Jiaxi Chen, eds., The Singapore Studies, pp. 478-492. Beijing: Social Science Academic Press.

Other outputs

Kai Yang. 2023. "Disturbing but not politically threatening: Veterans' activism in the Xi era." The China Story, July 3, Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW), Australian National University (ANU). Link: 

Teaching Subjects | Top


Academic Year:  2023-2024

1st Term:
  GOV3215 Taiwan: Politics and Society
2nd Term:
  GOV4303 Global Environmental Politics
  SSC3213 Political Psychology and Behaviour