New Space and Facilities

activity room


With 1/F fully reopened, spaces in this area are realigned with new rooms to better cater for users’ study needs. The new Activity Room, with its innovative design with adjustable audio-visual projections and soundproof glass walls, becomes a popular multi-purpose venue for lectures, video-shooting, interviews, and talks. In December 2021, the book talk ‘Hong Kong Gothic: "Tattoo Me" 《紋身不由己》’ was held in the Activity Room and was well received by staff and students.

late reading


In December 2021, the Library kicked off its first overnight service for Lingnan staff and students. The Late Reading Room, provides users with study tables, seats, and High Use Books for consultation and checkout, serves as a quiet and spacious study zone, especially during examination periods. The adjacent Computer Room offers notebook computers, printing services, and wall-mounted screens of various dimensions, supporting lectures and workshops. Numerous students like to use the Rooms for group project discussions and quiet study.

Good Reads


Aside from supporting research, the Library is committed to cultivating cross-discipline reading culture. A Good Reads collection has been built at the Entrance, featuring English and Chinese award-winning titles. This Collection prides itself on the extensive variety of genres and subjects it covers, ranging from social and cultural studies and history to fiction and literature, as well as art and self-healing. Users are encouraged to make recommendations on this form to further enrich the collection.



The new internal lift and the Mezzanine Floor (M/F) are now in service. The internal lift serves to provide barrier-free access across different floors. M/F comprises the LU Barn, the Incubation Zone and the Design Thinking Zone to support entrepreneurial activities, and more individual and group study areas for self-study and discussion. A postgraduate lounge is available for all postgraduate students, with brand new furniture including private study carrels, study tables and discussion booths to support students' study and research needs.