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Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Heritage Management

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Key Features of the Programme

Global Learning Experience

The programme, Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Heritage Management (MA ACHM), will be delivered by a team of world-class scholars and practitioners affiliated with Lingnan University and University of Lincoln. It will also be strongly supported by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, as well as other departments and partner institutions of Lingnan University. Students will benefit from diverse experiential learning in this programme by having internship/placements or other forms of learning activities based in Hong Kong and the UK.


Innovative Curriculum

The MA ACHM is a unique programme that offers a high-quality academic curriculum while offering the option for students to engage in practicums and study abroad. It enables students to put theory into practice and apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.


Availability of Local and International Institutional and Professional Partnerships

The combined research expertise of the two host universities, Lingnan University and University of Lincoln will provide an extensive choice of traineeship opportunities for students enrolling in the programme.


Blended Learning Methods

This programme supports students learning with high-quality teaching through a variety of mechanisms, lectures, seminars, workshops, group research projects with significant levels of individual tutorial support, particularly for dissertations.


Experienced Teaching Team

The MA ACHM will be delivered by a multidisciplinary team comprising of experienced professors, distinguished practitioners and researchers with expertise in the arts and cultural heritage sectors.


Multi-campus Learning

The programme is proud to offer a dynamic multi-campus teaching and learning that aims to significantly enrich the students' academic journey. Students will have the unique opportunity to engage with course work in a variety of stimulating environments, including cutting-edge facilities in M+ and the vibrant Lingnan University campus. The multi-campus format stands as a testament to our commitment to a holistic and pragmatic educational approach, ensuring that our students gain a robust and well-rounded understanding of the complexities of the global arts landscape.