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Graduation Requirements

To qualify for the award of the dual MA ACHM degree of Lingnan University and University of Lincoln, students, must fulfill all the graduation requirements of the two universities. To qualify for the award of the Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Heritage Management offered by Lingnan University, students must, where applicable:

  1. Obtain 12 credits from Lingnan and attain a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.67 (equivalent to B-) or above and pass the dissertation requirement noted in point 3;
  2. Obtain 60 credits from University of Lincoln (equivalent to 12 credits for Lingnan) and attain a minimum of 50 % (i.e. a pass) for each course for credit transfer to Lingnan;
  3. Pass all the assessments of the dissertation jointly supervised by Lingnan University and University of Lincoln, and obtain 6 credits from Lingnan and 30 credits from University of Lincoln;
  4. Fulfil the Lingnan University exit requirement on English language competency, if applicable; and
  5. Fulfil all programme and university requirements of Lingnan for graduation.


A student who has fulfilled all the requirements for graduation of Lingnan will be awarded a Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Heritage Management degree with one of the following classifications:

Degree ClassificationMinimum Cumulative G.P.A.


Note: These classifications are given according to the student's CGPA on courses taken at Lingnan that would count towards fulfilment of the graduation requirement, and the student’s average marks on courses taken at University of Lincoln that would be transferred back to Lingnan for fulfilment of the credit requirement for graduation.


Progression Requirement

  • Achieve a CGPA of 2.50 or above in order to proceed to the next term.


Intermediate Award

Students will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts and Cultural Heritage Management (藝術與文化遺產管理深造文憑)from Lingnan University if they complete not less than five courses (including four courses from LU with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.33 and one course from UoL with a pass /50%), and do not continue in the programme.