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Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies

Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies

Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies

Welcome to the Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies (CRS) Programme

China's economic and geopolitical ascension has taken centre stage in academic discourse and research. In particular, China's prominence and interest in the economic and political affairs in the Asia Pacific Region and African countries have attracted resounding attention among researchers and practitioners in the multidisciplinary and multi-level field of area studies. At the backdrop of these crucial reasons, the School of Graduate Studies of Lingnan University with support of its global partners founded the CRS programme.


CRS is an advanced comparative area study that aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to examine the multifaceted theoretical and empirical debates surrounding China's engagements with African countries and its neighbouring countries in the Asia and Pacific region. CRS is designed for current and aspiring scholars, commentators, and practitioners in public and private sectors who intend to expand their knowledge of China's regional and global relations. Presently, CRS offers three concentration areas (i.e. specialisation). Students enrolling in the programme can select one of these concentrations:

  1. Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies (China-Africa Studies, CAS), or
  2. Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies (China and East Asia Studies, CES) or
  3. Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies (for those who prefer not to specialise in either CAS or CES)


Graduates of CRS will gain the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Explain the theoretical perspectives of China's regional engagements in East Asia and Africa;
  2. Analyse China's approaches and interest in political, economic, technological, territorial, and security issues in East Asia and Africa;
  3. Appraise the role and implications of socio-cultural practices on China's relations with nations in East Asia and Africa;
  4. Use appropriate methods to research China's relations with Africa and East Asian countries.


Key features of the CRS

  1. An interdisciplinary approach: CRS includes courses and topics from disciplines such as Political Science, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Economics, and Urban Studies.
  2. International teaching team: CRS courses are delivered by world-class scholars affiliated with Lingnan University and its partners globally with vast experience in China, East Asia and African Studies
  3. Experiential learning:
    • Students will have opportunities for field visits and participate in international conferences and seminars to expose them to current research.
    • CRS students will also have the opportunity to participate in international student exchange programmes (e.g., summer school at the University of Oxford)
  4. Flexibility in programme curriculum:
    • Students can choose a specialisation in CAS or CES or even decide to enrol in courses from different CRS concentrations depending on their interest.
    • Applicants can opt for a full-time or part-time mode of study


Career opportunities

CRS will offer employment opportunities to graduates in several areas, including:

  • Civil service,
  • Journalism and publishing,
  • Corporate executive positions,
  • Education (e.g. as teachers),
  • International public and non-governmental organisations
  • Tourism and cultural industry,
  • Public relations fields


Graduates can expand their knowledge by pursuing PhD and professional doctorate programmes in Political Science, China Studies, African Studies, Geography, Development Studies, Policy Studies and Sociology.