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Application Period:  1 October 2023 - 30 June 2024


In face of the intensifying ageing problem in Hong Kong, the government has, in recent years, stepped up its resource input to cope with the social welfare and healthcare needs of the elderly. Resources aside, our society also needs to expand our talent pool, in which people equipped with professional knowledge and skills can understand and take care of the needs of our elderly. 


Such knowledge and skills might be an understanding of the causes of dementia, the skills to take care of dementia patients, the ability to effectively promote community healthcare and the use of the increasingly popular gerontechnology, etc. To meet the demand of our ageing society, Lingnan University has launched MSocSc in Health and Social Services Management so that talents are trained up in the social welfare and healthcare services sectors, etc., to help our ageing population ‘age in a healthy way’.



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