• Master of Arts in Chinese

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • Delivered in Cantonese and Putonghua
    • Designed for Chinese language and literature lovers who want to advance their careers, progress to a higher level of postgraduate study, or simply broaden their knowledge and understanding of classic and modern literature
    • Syllabus contains elements of aesthetics, history and culture aiming to inspire students’ interest in classical and modern literature
    • Offers a wide range of compulsory and elective courses which includes disciplines like literary criticism, creative writing, film studies, and Chinese opera

    Tel: (852) 2616-7882
    Email: machi@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Cultural Studies

    • 1-year Full-time / 2-year Part-time programme
    • Connects global and local issues from the perspectives of cultural studies to nurture global citizens who value cultural diversity
    • Adopts an interdisciplinary and cooperative learning approach
    • Offers Performance Studies as a major perspective in cultural analysis
    • Students come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds include Media and Creative Industries, Education, Civil Society and Community Work etc. This broadens the students' horizon and stimulates their critical and creative thinking in class and through peer learning

    Tel: (852) 2616-7496
    Email: mcs@LN.edu.hk

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    • 1-year Full-time/ 2-year Part-time programme
    • Designed for students who are fairly competent in Chinese and English and who are ready for a vigorous academic training in translation and in translation studies research
    • The only MA programme in Hong Kong that focuses on the Chinese–English direction, to respond to the increasing importance of translation from Chinese into English
    • Offers a wide range of practical and theoretical courses that lean towards cross-disciplinary education
    • Features small-class teaching and one-to-one supervision for the Dissertation/Translation Project

    Report by Sing Tao (Chinese only)

    Tel: (852) 2616-7970
    Email: trans@ln.edu.hk

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