• Doctor of Policy Studies

    • Offers both Full-time and Part-time modes. The minimum period of full-time mode is 36 months and part-time mode is 48 months.
    • The only professional doctorate in policy studies in Greater China.
    • Comparative perspectives in policy studies with a wide range of sector-specific expertise including education, health, housing, labour and social welfare, children/youth studies, sociology and social policy etc.
    • Suitable for professionals with experience in public administration, education sector, non-governmental organisations, and think tanks.
    • Excellent teaching team with internationally-renowned scholars and policy leaders.
    • Flexible and interactive delivery modes including experiential learning elements such as field visits, academic workshops and seminars.
    • Provides opportunities for student exchange at University of Bath and a summer programme at University of Oxford

    Tel: (852) 2616-8721
    Email: dps@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Arts in International Higher Education and Management

    • 1-year Full-time / 2-year Part-time programme
    • Designed for existing staff and professionals working in the higher education sector, as well as those who want to lay the foundations for a promising career in the field
    • An inter-university collaborative programme, partnering with the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, the University of Hawaii in USA, and the National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
    • Students may have opportunities to study overseas by participating in study visits
    • Offers a series of international research workshops and seminars to broaden students’ network and ideas by meeting with professionals and top scholars from different counties and regions

    Tel: (852) 2616-8721
    Email: ihem_admission@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Social Sciences in Organisational Psychology and Education Management

    • 1-year Full-time / 2-year Part-time programme
    • Inter-disciplinary programme
    • Particularly designed for, but not exclusive to, senior teachers and principals from the school sector and administrators of tertiary and higher education institutions, designed to meet the needs of those who want to seriously study acquire in-depth knowledge on organisational psychology as well as education management and leadership issues
    • Offers students a rich experiential learning environment through interacting with leading scholars in the education management and applied psychology fields
    • Provides postgraduate opportunities in professional fields for students and apply knowledge in the workplace, particularly in relation to their professional practices in education settings
    • Provides opportunities for Summer School at the University of Bath

    Tel: (852) 2616-8724
    Email: opem@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Social Sciences in Health and Social Services Management

    • 1-year Full-time/ 2-year Part-time programme
    • Equips students with practical skills in leading and managing health and social service organizations and teams
    • Equips students with essential writing and research skills for report writing, conducting research projects and pursuing doctoral studies
    • Unique programme content: gerontology, gerontechnology and other assistive technologies in health and social services delivery; combining both orthodox medicine and Chinese medicine
    • International teaching team provides global perspectives and intellectually stimulating environment for developing critical management skills
    • Provides opportunities for international student exchange (e.g., summer school at The University of Oxford)
    • The programme is offered with support from managers and frontline practitioners from various health and social services organizations.
    • Applicants with a bachelor's degree in any discipline are welcome to study this program
    • Prepares students for several career paths including:
      • Project managers/coordinators
      • Training officers
      • Nursing and healthcare alliance managers
      • Project operations executive
      • Research officers
      • Prevention officer in health services
      • Outreach health workers

    Report by Ming Pao (Chinese only)

    Tel: (852) 2616-8724
    Email: mhsm@LN.edu.hk

  • Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) Concentration on China-Africa Studies (CCAS)

    Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) Concentration on China-Africa Studies (CCAS)*

    • The CCAS is a specialisation pathway in the MAIA at Lingnan University.
    • It is a 1-year full-time programme offered by the School of Graduate Studies and Department of Political Science
    • Provides students with in-depth knowledge of the socio-cultural and political dynamics of China-Africa relations
    • CCAS adopts an interdisciplinary approach to deliver several exciting courses
    • Equip students with relevant methodological and analytical techniques to conduct and disseminate comparative research on China-Africa relations
    • CCAS is delivered by world-class scholars with vast experience in China-Africa relations
    • Provides opportunities for international student exchange (e.g., summer school at The University of Oxford
    • Opportunities for experiential field activities with our partners in Mainland China and several African countries
    • CCAS graduates can work in several fields and organisations:
      • Civil service
      • Journalism and publishing
      • Corporate executive positions
      • Education (as educators)
      • International non-governmental organisations operating in the two settings)
      • Tourism and cultural organisations
      • Public relations fields
      • Offers excellent preparation for further studies in PhD and professional doctorate

    Tel: (852) 2616 8721
    Email: ccas@LN.edu.hk

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    *Subject to approval