• Master of Accountancy

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • Two awards in one-year study. Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy (PGDA), an intermediate award, will be given to students who have completed the six required courses and achieved a cumulative GPA of 2.67 or above in Term 1
    • High-quality teaching team and close interaction with students
    • Mutual examination paper exemptions between HKICPA and Chinese Institute of CPAs (CICPA)
    • Provides different workshops and courses to improve students’ career prospects, e.g. QP revision course, English-language composition workshop and Cantonese classes etc

    Tel: (852) 2616-8107 / (852) 2616-8182
    Email: macc@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • A unique and forward-looking programme dedicated to developing and promoting students' academic and professional potential in the "Internet +" era
    • Developed partner relationship with a number of relevant firms which help enhance the career prospects of students
    • Offers several professional case analysis and chances to participate in real commercial projects, which help improve students' abilities in applying their knowledge to solve real problems
    • Students may have internship and overseas study opportunities. Networking events and talks provide the theoretical know-how and practical experience needed to accelerate career progress
    • Recognised by Hong Kong Logistics Association, the International Institute of Management, the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants and the Project Management Institute

    Tel: (852) 2616-8096
    Email: admission_ebiz@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in Finance

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • Suitable for students who have no, limited, or an intermediate level of knowledge of finance but have a strong desire to learn and are keen to work in the finance industry in Hong Kong, China, and overseas
    • Provides individual care for students through tutoring and relationship building, in order to help them succeed in their chosen profession as well as in their personal life
    • Emphasises the important concepts, skills, and theoretical and institutional underpinnings of finance in Term 1 and more advanced topics and practical aspects in Term 2
    • Provides an excellent background for students who wish to take the major professional qualifications in finance such as the CFA, CIIA, FRM, and CII designations

    Tel: (852) 2616-8191
    Email: mfin_admission@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • Designed to enhance competencies in managing and developing people for a wide range of managerial, supervisory, and executive positions
    • The Action Learning Projects provide students opportunities to visit and analyse companies across industries to gain the contemporary and best practice knowledge in human resource management
    • The executive mentoring and internship programmes assist our students in developing a stronger professional network and career plan
    • Collaborates with the ESSCA School of Management in France and offer an optional two-year full-time double master award. Students may gain international experience by studying in Hong Kong, France and Hungary

    Tel: (852) 2616-8309
    Email: hrmob@LN.edu.hk

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  • Master of Science in Marketing and International Business

    • 1-year Full-time programme
    • Small-class teaching and one-to-one supervision emphasises close faculty-student relationship
    • Provides students with whole-person and career development opportunities through professional networking activities
    • The Consulting Project module enables students to put theory into practice, and deliver meaningful services to the community under the supervision of academic advisers
    • Different kinds of workshops such as professional development workshops, a CV writing and interview skills workshop, corporate visits, field trips, and career talks as well as extra-curricular activities broaden students’ skills and knowledge. For example: etc
    • Graduates are eligible for associate membership of HKIM, HKMA and CIM

    Tel: (852) 2616-8321 / (852) 2616-8328
    Email: mscmib@LN.edu.hk

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