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MSocSci in Comparative Social Policy (International)

In today's globalised world, studying the experiences of different societies is critical to understand the social issues that many of us now face. The MSocSci in Comparative Social Policy (International) (IMCSP) programme meets the demand for individuals with relevant comparative knowledge in government, think tanks, NGOs, and social enterprises as well as the broader public at large. It is the only taught Master programme in Hong Kong, which makes international comparisons the focal point of studying social policy, development and governance.

For the second consecutive year running, the IMCSP programme has been recognised by the University Grant Commission's Targeted Taught Postgraduate Fellowships Scheme. For more details about the scheme, please vist UGC website.

Professor Nelson Chow
"As a newly introduced programme for students interested in comparative studies and the provision of social services across the globe, I think the IMCSP Programme has now firmly established itself as one of the best in this part of the world" - Professor Nelson Chow, Emeritus Professor, The University of Hong Kong
Professor Nelson Chow
"The design and organisation of this Programme are both successful and innovative, and I judge it to be very comparable to Master programmes in the United Kingdom and Europe, but with the additional strength that the location of the IMCSP Programme in Asia brings a challenging and stimulating perspective" - Professor Nick Manning, University College London

Three reasons to choose the IMCSP programme

As a graduate from one of the leading Liberal Arts universities in Asia, you will possess the necessary comparative focus, international outlook, and personal skills to build your career in the public sector, think tanks, NGOs, or the private sector:

Comparative Focus
Develop your knowledge in the critical areas of comparative social policy analysis
  • The IMCSP programme makes comparisons of social policies and the significant challenges in managing rapid global changes the focal point of your studies.
  • Students gain the skills to examine critical areas of social policy including old-age pensions, welfare policy, public support for children and families, employment and life-long learning. The programme also addresses issues surrounding health, well-being and social care, housing and urban planning.

International Outlook
Develop your international network in comparative social policy analysis
  • The IMCSP programme is delivered by the international faculty working at Lingnan University and benefits from the perspectives of global experts in guest lectures, workshops and field visits.
  • A selection of students will have the opportunity to study in the Department of Social Policy & Social Work, University of York, as part of its MA in Comparative and International Social Policy.

Career Building
Develop your personal career in social policy analysis, design and advocacy
  • All students benefit from personal career advice and tailored support to identify and approach their dream employer in making a positive contribution to the well-being of people and many sectors of society.
  • All students have a direct route to continue their studies at Lingnan University with the Doctor of Policy Studies (DPS) Programme.

LIANG, Yukun (IMCSP Graduate)
One year of studying in the IMCSP Programme has allowed me to gain a more international perspective and comparative research skills. Now, by systematically comparing and analyzing the social policies and social problems of different countries, I can understand more extensively and wisely the social policies that should be adopted in response to different social problems, and make a reasonable evaluation of the relevant policies, which provides great help for my future career. Ms LIANG, YUKUN (IMCSP Graduate)