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Sharing by Students & Graduates



Chan Tsz Long

Sociology Graduate, 2021

“Being a sociology student of Lingnan University was a fruitful period of my life. The programme offers comprehensive training, which enabled me to put theory into practice. In addition to learning various sociological theories, being a Lingnanian studying sociology enriched my experience of exploring diverse community service. I took part in an afterschool educational project through service-learning course, and an internship in Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies
                                                                                    to promote Gerontechnology. All these valuable experiences equipped me with                                                                                               broad knowledge of social institutions, specialized skillsets of problem-solving                                                                                                   
and effective communication which are helpful to pursue a future career.”



Or Ho Yuen

Sociology Graduate, 2020

“The Sociology Programme at Lingnan University has facilitated my all-round development. Apart from academic training, I engaged in service learning in a school teaching programme, internship in an elderly community center, and a project on technology and age-friendly city. All these activities were not only great fun; I treasure them as an important part of my time as a Lingnan Sociology student.”



Lee Ka Lam, Karen

Social and Public Policy Studies Graduate, 2017

“What are the root causes behind this social issue? – the most amazing part of this programme is that it helps students develop the capacity to look at a social issue from the perspectives of both sociology and social policy. Comprehensive knowledge, analytical skills and critical thinking were also greatly cultivated under cross-disciplinary, student-centred teaching. It enabled me to pursue a meaningful career in social advocacy at think tanks and charitable organisations.”